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Mom’s OnlyFans Ads Get Kids Expelled From Florida Christian School

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A Florida Christian school has expelled nine kids over a mom’s controversial car ad. Michelle Cline, a mom of two children, sparked outrage when a 7th-grader looked up her OnlyFans account in school. The student looked up “Piper Fawn,” Cline’s OnlyFans username. 

According to reports, the student saw a decal on her car advertising her account and searched for it. A few days later, Liberty Christian Preparatory School (LCPS) administrators expelled the student, whose identity remains anonymous. However, the dispute about the sticker on Cline’s car promoting her site kept unraveling.

Afterward, parents at LCPS in Tavares, Florida, objected to Cline’s large car decal advertising her OnlyFans account. Due to the controversy, the Florida Christian school told her to drop her kids off across the street. However, Cline allegedly responded to the backlash by displaying an even larger decal on her car.

Consequently, the Florida Christian school decided to expel her two kids altogether. “As we discussed with you previously, when the school administration learned that you displayed a sticker promoting a pornographic website on your vehicles,” the letter from the school board read.

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“We confronted you and did not immediately terminate our partnership with your family,” the letter continued. “Despite this wrong, LCPS desired to show love to your family, particularly your children.” “We asked you to remove the advertisement or park off-site,” the statement read. 

The letter added, “We hope this loving confrontation would cause you to reconsider and repent of these sins.” It continued, “We hope to continue ministering to your children and hope the conversation will result in your repentance.” Similarly, the school removed another mother, Lexy Thomas’s kids, after she complained about the sticker on TikTok.

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Following her complaint, the school expelled her six kids. Ultimately, the Florida Christian school yanked nine kids from their school year lives. Although Cline said she could understand why some might find it offensive, she doesn’t believe it is wrong. The mother of two claims she does it with her husband. 

“I’m doing the same thing every other married woman does,” she said. “I’m just adding a camera to it.” Furthermore, Cline said it was unfair for the school to tell her how to make money. Also, she claimed she wanted to set an example for her children by standing her ground.

Notably, in its letter to Cline, the Florida Christian school said it would consider re-enrolling her kids. However, that’s if the couple removes the decals from the vehicles and all social media, including that on OnlyFans. The school also requested a letter showing the couple’s “desire to seek repentance and restoration sincerely.”

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When media outlets contacted school leadership, LCPS head Jeremy Thomas offered a statement. Thomas spoke about the school’s commitment to protecting Christian moral values and “the innocence of children.” “Liberty Christian Preparatory School is taking appropriate action to protect the innocence of children,” he said. 

“Pornography is a vice and a sexual sin that destroys lives and breaks up marriages.” Thomas continued, “The negative impact of pornography on youth can result in future long-term relationship issues.” In addition, he noted that “Consuming, producing, distributing, or advertising pornography is inconsistent with the teachings of the Bible.”

Despite the outrage and subsequent expulsion, Cline defended her OnlyFans account. The mom of two stated that it provides a “comfortable way of life” for her family. “This provides a very comfortable way of life for us, and it’s legal,” she said. “I pay taxes just like everyone else. I am not breaking the law; I just offended people.”

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