Thursday, April 18, 2024
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HomeNewsCharlamagne tha God Blasts Biden Presidency, Says He Is "Uninspiring"

Charlamagne tha God Blasts Biden Presidency, Says He Is “Uninspiring”

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Charlamagne tha God Blasts Biden Presidency, Says He Is “Uninspiring”
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Popular radio host and comedian Charlamagne tha God said on Sunday that President Joe Biden is an “uninspiring candidate.” This comes as “The Breakfast Club” host sat with ABC’s Jonathan Karl. He also claimed that the president has nothing about him that makes people “want to listen to him.”

As Charlamagne supported both Biden and Kamala Harris in the 2020 elections, hearing him say this was a bit surprising. Karl asked the radio host why Biden’s message about Trump being a threat to democracy was not resonating. Therefore, this prompted his earlier comments about Biden. 

“He’s just an uninspiring candidate, like, you know, there’s nothing about Joe Biden that makes you want to listen to him,” he said. “He should be leaning on people who are more inspiring than him, who are more charismatic than him. And he should just be, I guess if you want to call it, the brains of the operation behind the scenes.”

He continued, “Like that sounds crazy that we’re saying that about a president of the United States of America, but he has no main character energy at all.” Therefore, he believes that Biden will do better if he leans more on some stronger personalities. 

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These include his Vice President Kamala Harris and governors Gavin Newsom and Josh Shapiro. The comedian also clarified that his opinion on Biden’s charisma was not based on age. Instead, it has to do with Biden himself. 

“Donald Trump is, what, four years, three years younger than President Biden. But he just comes off a lot more youthful. He comes off, you know like he has a lot more energy. And I always say this about him. Donald Trump seems more sincere about his lies than Joe Biden does about his truth,” he said. 

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Although he endorsed Biden’s candidacy in 2020, Charlamagne has been highly critical of his administration. Without a doubt, this includes his vice president. When Politico asked him about how the tables turned in January, he gave a brief answer. 

“I’ve learned my lesson from doing that,” he said. “Once they got in the White House, she… kind of disappeared.” Karl also asked him about Harris and if she had met his expectations over the years. 

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“No, she hasn’t. But I don’t think it’s too late for her to pivot. You know, I think that right now, historically, vice presidents have always kind of played their role. Their role is to just basically parrot the president, you know, speak on behalf of the president,” he said. 

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“She serves a unique purpose, right? Because she is the first woman of color in that position. So there [are] things that she could talk about, things that she could say that he can’t.” However, the radio hits also clarified that he wasn’t a supporter of Trump. While he believes Biden is a “sh—y elected official,” he also agrees that Trump “is the end of democracy as we know it.” He also said he is “absolutely a threat to democracy.”

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