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Fox News Announces Plans to Host Nikki Haley Town Hall Amid Upcoming South Carolina Primary 

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Nikki Haley
Source: Nexta_tv/X

Fox News has announced it will hold a town hall with presidential hopeful Nikki Haley before the South Carolina primaries. Fox News’s co-anchor, John Roberts, will anchor the show, while Haley will be looking to turn the tide on her election chances. 

For Nikki Haley, the South Carolina GOP primary is one of the most crucial battles in her presidential bid. Her primary showings have been far from impressive, with her main contender, Donald Trump, overwhelmingly stealing the show.

A loss to Trump in South Carolina would be a big blow to the Haley campaign. South Carolina is Haley’s home state, and she presided as its 116th governor from 2011 to 2017. Her home base should typically represent her biggest support base. 

Therefore, a loss to Trump on home turf would signal her lack of acceptance. No candidate wants to lose at home. But based on recent poll numbers, this scary eventuality seems to be staring Haley in the face. 

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A town hall with Fox News, the biggest conservative-leaning media house, is her biggest chance at selling herself to her people once again. During the one hour of the pre-recorded town hall, Haley will attempt to convince fellow South Carolinians on why they should choose one of their own over the former President. 

Haley should expect questions on her campaign strategy in her home state of South Carolina and how voters will benefit from her presidency. The town hall aired on February 18 at 5 p.m. ET and repeated at 10 p.m. ET. 

Fox News is also extending the gesture to Trump. The media company announced that a town hall with the former President will be held on February 20. 

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Fox will broadcast Trump’s town hall at 7 p.m. ET on “The Ingraham Angle.” The show’s host, Laura Ingraham, will anchor the event. Trump should expect questions bordering on foreign and domestic issues and his vice presidential pick. 

Haley is doing her best to convince voters that she is a superior candidate choice to litigation-riddled Donald Trump. She is also staying in the race to benefit from any possible Donald Trump disqualification. 

But South Carolina is one of Haley’s best chances to market herself as a serious contender. Haley will also be going against unfavorable predictions for the primary. 

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The Florida Atlantic University (FAU) recently conducted a poll in South Carolina for the primaries. The FAU’s Political Communication and Public Opinion Research Lab (PolCom Lab) and Mainstreet Research, who carried out the poll, released results that showed a strong lead for Trump. 

The poll showed that Republican primary voters are 65% in favor of Trump and 23% for Haley. 

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“Trump looks very strong in South Carolina, leading Haley handily and holding a wide advantage over Biden in a potential general election matchup,” disclosed Kevin Wagner, Ph.D., professor of political science and co-director of PolCom Lab. 

Haley has an uphill task before her in terms of overturning or lessening this prediction. It would take a masterclass performance from her to make voters change their minds after the Fox News town hall. 

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