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Poll Shows Trump Has a Huge Lead Over Haley in South Carolina

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Poll Shows Trump Has a Huge Lead Over Haley in South Carolina
Source: Southcarolinapublicradio

A recent poll released by Winthrop University shows that South Carolina voters are far more likely to support former President Donald Trump than the state’s former Gov. Nikki Haley for the Republican Party’s nomination. This comes ahead of the February 24th GOP primaries election, deciding who will run for the presidency.

The poll shows that 65 percent of voters in the state will likely vote for Trump. Therefore, only 35 percent seemed likely to vote for Haley. This was not a surprising turnout, as many believe that Trump has a lot of pull in the southern region. 

Of all the Republican voters, 72 percent would vote for Trump. For independents, they would likely split votes evenly. Of those likely to vote in the primary, 42 percent backed Haley compared to 43 percent for Trump.

The Winthrop Poll director, Scott Huffmon, announced the results on Wednesday. “Haley shows strength among Independent likely voters but will need to convince many more Independents sitting on the fence regarding participation to show up on February 24th to cut into Trump’s lead,” he said.

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“Her hope in narrowing the gap comes in getting those on-the-fence independents, who, if they can be convinced to show up, would support her over Donald Trump.”

Out of all registered voters in South Carolina, the poll predicts that Trump would win over President Joe Biden by at least 15 points in the general election. Fifty percent of voters said they would vote for Trump, while 35 percent would vote for Biden.

Between Biden and Haley, the margin is closer. Forty-seven percent would vote for Haley, while 29% would vote for the current president. This means that she is leading by at least 18 points.

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Huffman also says that more voters might sit out the presidential elections if Trump is not in the race. “Haley seems to do better as far as the gap of victory against Biden and Trump,” he says. “But folks are less certain that they would be voting at all.” 

It is important to note that these figures do not include undecided voters or people who register between now and the general election. Earlier this month, Biden won all 55 delegates in South Carolina’s Democratic primary on February 3rd. 

In total, Winthrop included 1,717 registered South Carolina voters for their poll. They also created a margin of error of plus or minus two percentage points. While this poll does not determine who will win, it is a good way of measuring where the public is titling.

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Whats more, candidates can use data like this to strengthen some areas which are weak points. Nikki Haley focuses on her strong points while trying to build upon them. She says she may not be beating Trump yet, but she is gaining ground. 

“I don’t think that necessarily has to be a win, but it certainly has to be better than what I did in New Hampshire, and it certainly has to be close,” she said. 

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