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Cafe Owner Faces Backlash Online After Kicking Family Out Because of Child’s Tantrum 

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An Australian woman went online to gaslight a cafe that asked a family of four to leave. According to the woman, one of her kids was crying, and the owner thought it was good to give them the boot.

A shot of the cafe frontage
Source: Adelle Cafe/Facebook

However, there are mixed reactions from online commenters, so much so that the incident has become the center point of a hot debate. 

The Militant Bystander 

The exciting thing to know about this crisis is that the woman who posted a video online asking that people boycott the culpable cafe was not the one on the receiving end of the eviction. 

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A snapshot of Adelle's menu of servings
Source: Adelle Cafe/Facebook

On the contrary, she only happens to be a bystander who witnessed some portion of the event. Nonetheless, many people who saw the video still sided with the cafe owner. 

Social Media, the Modern Gaslighter

The name of this bystander, who happens to be a mum herself, is Laura Edwards. The business she was calling out online is Adella’s Cafe, an Italian gelateria and cafe located in Magnetic Island. 

The owners of the Adelle Cafe
Source: Adelle Cafe/Facebook


In the video that Edwards posted online, she captured the facade of the cafe and simultaneously explained to viewers that the owner kicked out the family of four because their child was crying. 

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To the Online Court! 

As Edwards was filming the video, she could be heard saying, “Adella’s Cafe – do not support. Absolutely disgusting. Don’t support this business.” Viewers of the video could hear a child’s cries in the background. 

Dall'oste refilling a spent flavour of gelato
Source: Adelle Cafe/Facebook

The owner of Adella’s Cafe is Adrian Dall’oste. The debate was already raging, and some folks had already passed their judgment on the situation before a local bulletin approached Dalloste for comments. 

Enter the Ombudsman 

When the Townsville Bulletin eventually met Dall’oste, the owner shared his side of the story. According to him, Edwards was not even there when the entire drama started. So, he is surprised that she can make herself a one-person jury to pass judgment.

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A young girl throwing a fit at a restaurant
Source: bestlozoman/Reddit

Dalloste explained that the family constituted a nuisance for 15 straight minutes in his cafe. Unfortunately, they were not the only patrons of the business during the period. 

Defendant Dall’oste, Under Disposition  

According to Dall’oste, “Both children became upset when told they would be sharing a gelato between them, one of the children swiped decorations from the counter and threw a steel flask on the tile floor.” 

One of Dylan’s daughters comes to visit
Source: Good Morning Britain/YouTube

Dalloste explained that the children’s racket became so loud that other customers were clearly displeased.

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How to Offend Someone Courteously  

Dall’oste further clarified that he was as courteous as possible when he told the family to leave. He tried to make the couple see the reasons why they could not accommodate the kids’ misbehavior. 

A child crying at an outdoor restaurant
Source: Probuydeals/X

The kids’ father got outrightly confrontational when he learned his family was getting kicked out. Dalloste explained that when his placating fell on deaf ears, he told the couple he would call the police before returning to the cafe. 

I Also Have Kids! 

When the Townsville Bulletin reached out to Edwards, she explained that it was true that the kids were crying but that Dalloste’s report was exaggerated. 

Toddler wearing an upturned bowl of spaghetti
Source: Probuydeals/X

Edwards, a mother of three herself, said her kids sometimes make rackets far worse than the gelato kids. She also stated that the children were not running riot, and their parents were sitting with them. So, Edwards maintained her stand that Dall’oste shouldn’t have thrown out the family. 

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The Jury’s Final Judgment 

Despite the frenzy initially worked up by Edward’s online video. Still, many commenters ended up supporting Dall’oste. 

An upset Asian child with cutlery
Source: BBC iPlayer/Pinterest

Many of these commenters said the parents should have kept their kids in check since they were in a public place. When the family is in their home, the parents can permit the kids to burn down the house but should not be allowed to behave as such in public.

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