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11 Unbelievable Things Considered ‘Normal’ for Kids in the 1960s

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Many practices in the 1960s that were relatively normal would be alarming in today’s world. If parents are found doing any of these things or being negligent, they can expect a visit from social services in due time. 

A picture of 5 kids running around
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Thanks to the nature of the world in the 1960s, society accepted many insane things as ‘normal’ for all children

Most of these things have faded out, and parents no longer do them or allow their children to get exposed to them, and for good reason, too. 

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Running in the Streets

In today’s world, leaving your kid to run around in the streets is a big NO for several scary reasons. However, many considered this pretty normal in the 1960s.

Children running around together
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Parents usually leave their children to run around the streets; some even go as far as several blocks. This was because they believed an adult would be looking out for them somewhere, and they were unaware of all the dangers. 


Hitchhiking was a prevalent practice in the 1960s as opposed to today. Children of different ages got free rides from strangers just by lifting their thumbs on the highway.

A hitchhiker trying to get a ride
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Moreover, in today’s world, that is one of the easiest ways to get kidnapped or, worse, killed. For safety, adults rarely hitchhike, and children are not allowed by their parents to get such free rides anymore. 

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Trampolines Without Nets

For several reasons, like the lack of enlightenment, parents didn’t take the safety of children while playing seriously. Therefore, they allowed their kids to play on trampolines without nets, hoping they wouldn’t break their necks or ankles. 

A trampoline without nets
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In contrast, trampolines in today’s world are pretty formidable and heavily guarded with nets and foams to prevent injuries. 

Corporal Punishment 

Subjecting a child to beating in these times is a one-way ticket to getting a visit from child protective services. Without a doubt, physical abuse of any form is frowned upon and also punishable by law. 

A child about to be hit
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However, this was not the case in the 60s. Corporal punishment was typical; some parents even discussed it during small talk. 

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Smoking Around Kids

Smoking was one of the most common things in the 60s. One could smoke any and everywhere without a care in the world. People smoked around babies, children, older people, and even pregnant women. 

A lit ciggarette
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Thankfully, the world has matured, and civilization has enlightened us about the dangers of secondhand smoke. Smokers now have designated smoking spots and restricted smoking areas for the safety of others. 

Walking to School

Those stories the older generation tell where they claim to work for hours and hours are mostly true. Parents considered the world safe in the 1960s and would allow their kids to walk long distances to school. 

A picture of a child walking to school
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They usually had many children going to the same school to walk together to ensure their safety during those days. 

No Car Seats or Seatbelts 

In today’s world, it is safety 101 always to keep your children strapped with a seatbelt or in a car seat for infants. However, the same could not be said for the children in the 60s. 

A car seatbelt
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Back then, most cars didn’t have a seat belt, and the car seat was not commonly known yet. So, children were carried by someone in the car or freely put on the seats. 

No Use of Sunscreen

Getting a tan was the only thing people talked about in the 1960s when they thought of the sun and skincare. Children and adults did not know the importance of sunscreen and just walked around in the sun unprotected. 

A woman applying sunscreen
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Today, we know better; parents now use sunscreen for their children and themselves. Indeed, our skins will thank us for this when we get older. 

Drinking Directly From a Hose

The 60s were a time of free living when people didn’t know or care about many things. Children drank freely from taps and hoses without realizing the danger the lead poses to the body system. 

A child playing with a garden hose
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Nowadays, thanks to enlightenment and civilization, children only drink from dispensers and bottles. They still drink from taps in schools, but it contains distilled water free of lead poisoning. 

Swimming Solo on the Beach

In the 60s, it wasn’t uncommon to see a young child playing and swimming on the beach alone. Parents were unaware of the many dangers in the waters and allowed their kids to play freely under their supervision. 

A picture of a child at the beach
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However, several unfortunate incidents with predators have taught parents a lesson. Now, children aren’t left to swim in open water without an adult by their side. 

No Helmets While Riding Bikes 

Another unbelievable thing people in the 60s considered normal for kids was cycling without a helmet. Parents put little to no safety measures for their kids while playing and didn’t enforce the wearing of helmets or other protective equipment. 

Source: Pinterest

In total contrast, children of today are heavily kitted from top to bottom with safety guards like helmets and braces. 

The Children of Today Are Living a Safer Life

Most of these practices are no longer acceptable in recent times, and the children of this generation are safer for it. Parents are now more enlightened and aware of the dangers these things cause to their kids. 

Three kids happy on a tree
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So, it is quite rare to see a kid hitchhiking, riding without a helmet, drinking from a garden hose, or playing without safety measures today. 

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