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Apple Releases iOS 17.4 Beta 3 With Improved Features to Public Beta Testers

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iOS 17
Source: MacRumors

Apple has rolled out iOS 17.4 beta 3 to public beta testers following its release to developers approximately three weeks after iOS 17.3 hit the market. This latest beta iteration introduces new features, mainly targeting users in the European Union, alongside new emoji additions and bug fixes for some iPhone users participating in the beta program.

One of the significant updates in iOS 17.4 beta 3 is the expansion of app store options for users in the EU. Apple has implemented Safari, the App Store, and iOS changes to allow EU residents to download alternative app stores and apps from sources outside the App Store ecosystem. 

This move aligns with the EU’s Digital Markets Act and offers users in the region greater flexibility and control over their iPhone experience. Additionally, new default app controls will provide further customization options.

Another notable addition is the enhancement of in-app payment methods. iOS 17.4 beta introduces more options for making in-app payments through the Contactless & NFC feature in Settings > Privacy & Security. While initially tied to the EU-focused updates, it remains uncertain whether these payment options will extend beyond the region.

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Regarding privacy, iOS 17.4 beta 2 removed the regional identifier “Identifiable_Region,” previously accessible through Settings > General > About. Although the reason behind this removal remains unclear, it suggests Apple’s ongoing refinement of system settings.

The latest beta also introduces over 100 emoji characters, including a phoenix and a slice of lime, enhancing user communication and expression.

Furthermore, Apple has introduced additional options for Stolen Device Protection, allowing users to set security delays for accessing specific settings or making changes. This feature aims to safeguard user data in case of device theft or unauthorized access.

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Podcast enthusiasts will appreciate the ability to access show transcripts directly within the iOS 17.4 beta, enhancing the listening experience and enabling more straightforward navigation within episodes. Moreover, Apple Cash users will benefit from virtual card numbers, providing added security and convenience for online transactions.

Other updates include a new digital clock widget, a Home button in the Music and Books apps, multi-language messaging capabilities for Siri, and removing the stopwatch function from Live Activities on compatible iPhone models.

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While these features offer a glimpse into what iOS 17.4 has to offer, it’s essential to note that beta versions may contain bugs and inconsistencies. Apple advises users to install betas on secondary devices to avoid potential issues. 

As for the public release of iOS 17.4, Apple has hinted at a possible rollout in March, but an exact date remains undisclosed.

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