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Tech Experts’ Secret Emoji Trick Leaves iPhone Users Amazed 

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A User Holds an iPhone
Source: Quora

iPhone specialists have unveiled dozens of hacks that could make your iPhone way more powerful. From tricks that will customize your lock screen to charging your device faster, these smartphone experts have put smiles on the faces of many users. 

One such expert is a fast-rising TikToker known as Tech Hack Guy. With over 452,000 followers, he has used his superior skills and smartphone knowledge to empower iPhone users. His videos have garnered millions of views, with several of them crossing the 5 million mark. 

One of his latest videos has yet again got the iPhone community excited. In the clip, Tech Hack Guy revealed what he called a “secret emoji trick.” 

This trick will add some color and personalization to iPhone users’ devices by allowing them to determine what emoji their devices display. He assured users the trick was easy to implement once they learned how. 

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The trick is to place an emoji right next to the time display on your phone. Already, Apple has assigned emojis to various modes on your device. 

For example, the Do Not Disturb option comes with a crescent moon emoji at the top left corner of your iPhone’s screen. Many users didn’t know they could change their devices’ focus mode to reflect their emoji preferences. The Tech Hack Guy showed how to ‘manipulate the system.’

First, visit your phone’s Settings and select the Focus option, he began. Then select the plus sign in the top right corner of your screen to display your options.

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You will then see a list of default Focus modes and a Custom option. Click on the Custom option. 

Then, you can introduce your personalized Focus and select the emoji you want to assign to it. You also have the liberty of assigning your preferred color to the emoji. 

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Finalize the operation and find your emoji next to the time on your home screen. You also have to enable notifications if you want to receive notifications while it is enabled. 

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Tech Hack Guy showed his viewers how it’s done by creating an orange-colored emoji he named “Smile.” Viewers were excited to learn about the discovery and left over 700 thousand likes and 8,000 comments. At the time of writing, the video had gotten 23.5 million views. 

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Many viewers commended The Tech Hack Guy and appreciated the hack. They described the idea as “cool.” @brattypinksubwolf wrote, “Actually works, I tried it.” 

@anjeeakinyemi_ commented, “It worked for me but not it [sic] the color I wanted, it’s white.”

Some others remarked that their emojis appeared next to their battery percentage instead of the clock. 

@leahprogamee wrote: “This works, but mine went next to the percent but that’s probably bc I’m on iPad but I made a paw print and I love it thanks!”

Another comment read, “When you do this it turns off all your notifications.” Tech Hack Guy responded, “If you choose apps and click allow instead, you’re [sic] notifications will stay on.” 

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