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HomeNewsJonathan Majors Faces Fresh Abuse Allegations From Two of His Ex-Girlfriends

Jonathan Majors Faces Fresh Abuse Allegations From Two of His Ex-Girlfriends

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Jonathan Majors Faces Fresh Abuse Allegations From Two of His Ex-Girlfriends
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Famous “Creed II” actor Jonathan Majors is facing fresh abuse allegations from two of his ex-girlfriends. They are accusing him of both emotional and physical abuse. This comes after an incident in March 2023 has shown the public the darker side of the actor.

On that fateful day in New York, Majors got arrested after he allegedly assaulted his ex-partner, Grace Jabbari, at an apartment. She charged him to court on four separate counts. However, the court convicted him of just two charges. 

These were third-degree misdemeanor assault, recklessly causing physical injury, as well as second-degree harassment. According to sources, Majors was supposed to face his sentencing on February 6th, but the court postponed it till early April. 

This was to buy more time for the actor so his defense could help alleviate his verdict. However, this tactic is not turning out so well for the “Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania” star. His two ex-girlfriends making fresh allegations is only making things worse for him.

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Both women, Emma Duncan and Maura Hooper told the New York Times that Majors had also previously avoided them. Duncan alleged that Majors has pushed her, thrown her around, choked, and also bruised her on occasion.

She also added that he constantly abused her emotionally while they were together. Hooper also claimed that she was a victim of Majors’ emotional abuse. She allegedly got pregnant a few months into their relationship and scheduled an abortion. 

However, Majors wasn’t there for her. He allegedly did not pick her up from the procedure even though he knew the procedure required an escort home. He claimed that he had a rehearsal to attend instead. 

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Majors’ attorney, Priya Chaudry, emailed USA Today indirectly addressing these new claims. “Looking back, he [Majors] is embarrassed by some of his jealous behavior and has been addressing these personal, lifelong depression issues with counseling,” she wrote.

She also described Jonathan Majors’ relationships with these two ex-girls as a sort of “love triangle.” According to the NYT, these relationships also overlapped briefly and were “toxic.” However, she denied the part where the NYT accused Majors of having a “history of volatility” on the set of HBO’s “Lovecraft Country.”

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Since his guilty verdict in December, the “Loki” star has lost many deals. His distributor dropped him for his upcoming sports drama “Magazine Dreams.” The public is also not on his side.

His talent manager, Entertainment 360, and his publicity firm, the Lede Company, also dropped him in December. He is also no longer a part of the Protagonist Pictures film “The Man in My Basement.”

The U.S. Army also pulled a major ad campaign featuring Majors, as did the Texas Rangers baseball team. If these two other women press charges, it will further damage his already bleeding career. Therefore, Majors has so much to lose in the coming months. 

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