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Who Is Jonathan Majors’s Wife? 

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Jonathan Majors is a famous and controversial Marvel star whose name has been making headlines recently because of a messy domestic violence case. Majors has denied all the allegations. However, in interviews, those who know him have alleged that he has a history of abusive behavior. 

Given how much bad publicity he has been getting, it is unsurprising that netizens are curious about his personal life. Many ask, who is Jonathan Majors’ wife? wondering if there is a woman married to a man who people claim is abusive and has been for a long time. 

Jonathan Majors
Jonathan Majors. (Source: Pinterest)

Keep reading to find out if she exists. 

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Does Jonathan Majors Have a Wife? 

No, Jonathan Majors does not currently have a wife. The thought may be far from his mind as he is battling a messy domestic violence case threatening to sink his booming career. 

There is no doubt that Majors has not tied the knot with anyone. However, that doesn’t mean he is currently single. Yes, there is a woman by his side, and despite everything that has come to light about him, she remains supportive of him. 

The name of the woman standing by Majors is actress Meagan Good. She used to be friends with him before things became romantic between them. According to some sources, the pair got closer as she supported him amidst allegations and charges of assault. 

Meagan Good
Meagan Good. (Source: Pinterest)

One source said: “Meagan has shown considerable support towards him. It seems their relationship has developed further from that point.” Good and Majors have been spotted out and about since speculations on their relationship started. In May, she appeared by his side at his court hearing. 

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The two were seen holding hands while the judge in charge scheduled a trial for August 3, 2023. Later in June, the “Lovecraft Country” star and the “Think Like a Man” actress was spotted publicly. They boarded a flight together from New York City to Los Angeles, fanning rumors claiming they have officially started dating. 

Will Good Become Jonathan Majors’ Wife? Her Friends Are Apprehensive 

Domestic abuse scandals always attract a lot of publicity. They can also greatly upend the careers of those involved and earn them a bad reputation. 

Jonathan Majors knows how it feels since he was accused of being abusive. Some sources claimed he went as far as strangling his former lover and emotionally abusing another. Given such a stain on his reputation, those close to Good are wary of how close she is getting to Majors. However, they have chosen to respect her choice. 

One source close to her said: “It’s obviously not the best situation, but they’re letting her make her own decisions.” The insider also said Good’s decision to be with Majors is a significant change in her life. 

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They added: “It’s been a little stunning to see her go from [ex-husband DeVon Franklin], with faith at the center of their marriage, to Jon, but also understandable why she’d go for someone totally different after being with the same person for so long and not having it work out.” 

Good and Franklin separated in December 2021 after nine years of marriage. They finalized their divorce in June 2022. The source also revealed: “Her divorce was very tough for her to process, and the decision to end the marriage is something both she and DeVon took very seriously.” 

Are Meagan Good and Jonathan Majors Dating? 

Some sources confirmed in mid-May that Good is indeed dating Majors. However, those close to them have said they are taking things slow, but there is progress. 

One source said: “She wouldn’t be out and about with him so publicly or be supporting him in his legal situation if the relationship didn’t mean something to her.” 

Neither of the two have openly acknowledged the rumors. However, fans believe that as things get more serious, they are bound to. 

Meagan Good
Meagan Good. (Source: Pinterest)

What About Jonathan Majors’s Brush With the Law? 

Majors is expected to appear in court for a September 6, 2023 trial. The famous actor faces misdemeanor charges of harassment and assault. 

It was brought on by an alleged incident in New York in March. He has denied the allegations and even claimed he was the one who got assaulted by her, so many are interested in how things will play out. 

Other stars accused of domestic abuse include Mel Gibson, Sean Penn, Emma Roberts, XXXTentacion, and Chris Brown.

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