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Officials Arrest Stalker Outside Taylor Swift’s Home for the Second Time in Three Days

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Officials Arrest Stalker Outside Taylor Swift’s Home for the Second Time in Three Days
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In this world we live in, it is not uncommon for celebrities to have stalkers. Some fans are desperate for their fave’s attention and will go to ridiculous heights to get it. However, some are simply obsessive and can be quite dangerous. 

This is the case of David Crowe, a man who has been stalking Pop star Taylor Swift for years. The police arrested the Seattle resident for loitering outside her home for the second time in three days. He stayed outside her Tribeca home for hours, lingering and waiting to see the “Anti-Hero” singer. 

A member of Swift’s security team first spotted Crowe around 3 p.m. outside her Franklin Street home. He was simply wandering outside, so they let him be. However, around 6 p.m., the security guards had no choice but to call the cops on him. 

He was harassing multiple people, and the police picked him up by 6:15 p.m. They took him into custody and charged him with two counts each of harassment and stalking. Moreover, this was not his first arrest that week. 

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The police arrested him the previous Saturday after they got a report of a “disorderly person” attempting to open the door of Swift’s home. Therefore, they arrested Crowe twice in the span of three days. 

Thankfully, the “Bad Blood” singer was not home at the time. She flew to New York City earlier that week to watch her boyfriend Travis Kelce’s game. The day after, she left for Nashville, Tennessee, for some business, so she was far from home. 

However, Crowe might be more dangerous than people realize. Immediately after the police released him the second time, he went straight back to Swift’s home. This is quite worrying as it shows how obsessed Crowe is. 

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Therefore, a Manhattan Criminal Court arraigned Crowe on a misdemeanor charge of second-degree criminal contempt. They also ordered him to undergo a full psychiatric exam. 

According to prosecutors, Crowe violated a protective order the court issued against him after his second arrest. He was mandated to stay away from Swift and her home and refrain from any communication with her. However, he did not take it seriously since they kept letting him go. 

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Millions of fans around the world are both scared and concerned for the pop star. A user on X spoke up, asking, “Why do they keep letting him go?” Another wrote, “Laws should change in regards to stalking. One shouldn’t be able to leave court for stalking just to go right back to it. Mental health should be involved in these situations.”

The month of January was quite eventful for the pop star as this stalking incident was not the only thing she had to face. Towards the end of the month, some people used AI to create very graphic, nude, and pornographic content using her image. This case is currently in court, and investigations are still ongoing. 

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