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Wall Street Billionaires to Host Fundraiser For Nikki Haley’s Presidential Campaign Amid Controversy

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Nikki Haley speaking at one of her campaigns
Source: The Independent/X

Four Wall Street billionaires have decided to organize a fundraiser in support of Nikki Haley’s Presidential campaign. Haley is touring US states to secure local GOPs’ support. Her foremost contender so far is former President Donald Trump. 

The said fundraiser is billed for January 30 and will be held in New York City. The brains behind the fundraiser are Ken Lagone, Stanley Druckenmiller, Cliff Asness, and Henry Kravis. 

The GOP primaries for Haley’s home state—South Carolina—will be held on February 24. So, the fundraiser is to help Haley worry less about the finances required for the campaign while focusing on nailing the GOP presidential ticket. 

An insider has revealed that Haley is all out to pull some weight in the build-up to February 24. Between the GOP primaries of New Hampshire in late January and South Carolina, Haley will meet some very important people. First, she will visit Miami, then Palm Beach, then New York—for the Wall Street fundraiser. Next, Haley will visit donors in California and Texas just before the South Carolina primaries. 

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One of the New York fundraiser organizers, Druckenmiller, was initially supporting South Carolina’s Senator Tim Scott. Unfortunately, Sen. Scott pulled out of the race in November and officially endorsed Donald Trump last week. 

One would think that Sen. Scott’s major supporters would naturally fall to Trump. However, thanks to Haley’s exceptional performance at the Republican presidential debates, she has won the backing of many wealthy GOPs, one of whom is Druckenmiller. 

For example, Haley has also won the endorsement of Prosperity, a group affiliated with billionaire Charles Koch. All these new supports and financial injection into Haley’s support is enough motivation to make her deliver at the New Hampshire and South Carolina primaries.

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Per the New York City fundraiser, tickets will cost as high as $33,200. However, the starting price is $3,000. Besides the four Wall Street billionaires, other notable Republicans will be supporting the event. The likes of Sen. Pat Toomey, Eric Levine, and Glenn Hubbard will be in attendance. 

Since after the Republican debate, Haley’s team has reported the highest income through donations. So far, they have an extra $24 million to spend on campaign initiatives. Interestingly, the campaign team is not disappointed and is making the most of the available largesse. Since the spike in donations, Haley’s campaign team has increased their advertising expense considerably. 

No matter how well-intentioned and charismatic a politician might be, they will need significant cash injections to prosecute a successful campaign. Interestingly, Haley is getting just that. However, many suggest she needs the most of it before it’s too late. 

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Despite having the support and praise of some wealthy Republicans, Haley is free from rebuttals. For example, GOP rivals like Gov. Ron DeSantis and Trump have made it a point to call Haley out for bootlicking.

On several occasions, the duo have said things to the effect of Haley inevitably bending to the whims of her donor. That is, if she does win the GOP ticket and get into office, Haley would need to dance to the tune of her donors. 

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