Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Texas Republicans Seek to Disqualify Abbott-Backed Candidate

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A picture of Texas Governor Greg Abbott
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Texas Republicans want to disqualify one of their primary opponents over residency questions. According to reports, Texas Governor Greg Abbott backed the candidate’s bid. However, Texas Republicans argue that residency questions should remove him from the ballot.

Consequently, two of Brent Hagenbuch’s primary rivals have filed lawsuits against him. His rivals challenge his candidacy for the only GOP-held Senate seat open in 2024. According to reports, four Republican candidates are running for the solid-red district in North Texas. 

First is Hagenbuch, second is emergency room physician Carrie de Moor, and third is conservative activist and attorney Jace Yarbrough. Lastly, the fourth candidate is former police officer Cody Clark. Hence, the race for the GOP-held Senate seat is tight.

However, Hagenbuch’s residency has sparked outrage from his opponents. Hagenbuch’s opponents point to the state Constitution’s requirement as a reason to disqualify him from the Senate race. They argue the state’s constitution mandates candidates for legislative office to live in the district they seek to represent for at least a year before an election.

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However, Hagenbuch, a Denton County businessman who formerly chaired the county GOP, listed his address as an office building. When he filed, he recorded an office building in the district. He said he had lived in the district for a month and a half. However, his rivals argue the fact. 

They claim that property, tax, and voter registration records, including his vote in the 2023 election, all undermine his claims. In addition, they said Hagenbuch’s records indicate that he resided in a neighboring district as of November 5. Consequently, his opponents contested his legitimacy.

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However, Hagenbuch has Abbott’s support. He also has the backing of Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick in his bid to succeed retiring Senator Drew Springer. Similarly, De Moor has the backing of Attorney General Ken Paxton. Hence, the race for the Senate seat has become increasingly fierce.

Also, all three of Hagenbuch’s primary opponents have taken action in light of the questions raised about his residency. De Moor filed a lawsuit in Denton County. Similarly, Yarbrough is asking the Second Court of Appeals to intervene. On the other hand, Cody has asked the Texas Rangers to investigate Hagenbuch.

However, those efforts have been unsuccessful so far. The challenge brought by De Moor faced a setback after the court postponed the case hearing. According to reports, the judge postponed the hearing after learning that Hagenbuch had submitted a filing arguing the case.

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Hagenbuch argued that he “slept there, showered there, ate there, and lived there.” He asserted that he did all that at the “corporate apartment” he leased in his office building.  

Following the lawsuits, Hagenbuch’s campaign blasted his Republican opponents for trying to disqualify him. In addition, they likened them to Democrats seeking to remove former President Donald Trump from 2024 presidential election ballots.

“They fear the candidate, so they’re trying to knock him off the ballot,” Hagenbuch spokesperson Allen Blakemore said.

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