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HomeNews50 Texas Counties Officially Declare Invasion Amid Biden’s Border Policies 

50 Texas Counties Officially Declare Invasion Amid Biden’s Border Policies 

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Illegal Immigrants Close to the Southern Border
Source: b_needleman/X

50 Texas counties have recently squared off with the Biden administration. These counties have declared an invasion in what has become the latest significant escalation of tensions between local and federal authorities. 

Since 2021, America’s Southern border hasn’t remained the same. Since then, over ten million illegal immigrants have gained access to the United States. This exodus has brought unprecedented harm to the citizens of the United States. 

Due to the influx of these armies of greener pasture seekers, human and drug trafficking has reached some of its worst levels. Generally, the crime rate has increased. That’s besides the consequent housing crisis and the strain on the welfare purse of affected areas. 

This has all happened under the noses of the Biden administration. The Biden administration has deliberately opened doors for these aliens and has repeatedly fought efforts to secure the border. 

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In some ways, it would seem like the federal government is benefiting from the crisis. But local communities are bearing the brunt of Biden’s negligence. 50 of them in Texas have decided to take their destiny into their own hands. 

These counties are saying a resounding “No” to the proliferation of fentanyl and the increasing strain on citizen welfare. They have written to declare the border situation an “Invasion.” 

These counties include Atascosa, Burnet, Chambers, Ector, Fannin, Goliad, Hamilton, Jack, Kinney, and Live Oak. Others are Medina, Navarro, Orange, Parker, Somervell, Terrell, Ucalde, Van Zandt, and Wharton. 

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Bandera, Schleicher, and Uvalde are the latest counties to join the train. So, what does this action mean? 

It means that the counties have invoked Article IV of the United States Constitution and Article IV Section 7 of the Texas Constitution. Therefore, they have given the state’s military forces powers to “suppress insurrections and repel invasions.” 

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However, the Texas counties know that the Democrat-led federal government will only jump at the chance to “suppress instruction” if Donald Trump was involved. So, this is a battle they will have to fight alone while warding off resistance from the federal government, which is mandated by law to protect them from invasion. 

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“The invasion is unsustainable and threatens the lives of our citizens,” county officials cry out. Crockett County joined the bandwagon after a human trafficker killed the family members of the County judge. 

Non-border counties are feeling the pain of their border counterparts. That’s because even the non-border towns are still battling the “socio-economic costs and criminal impact” of the crisis. 

Atascosa County Judge Weston Cude, who led a coalition of Counties to sign the declaration, spoke about their frustrations. “If you have people from all over the world coming into your county by bus, plane, or smuggling people and drugs, why wouldn’t you declare an invasion?” he asked. 

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Code has called on Congress to block all funding to the Biden administration that has allowed it to perpetuate its unpopular policies. 

“Texans and Americans died and bled for this border, our state, and this country. It is worth defending, and we must defend it. Without a border, without enforcing our laws, we don’t have a state or a country,” Cude lamented. 

Presently, over 20% of Texas’s 254 counties have joined the campaign. More may yet follow. 

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