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HomeNewsBiden Drags Texas to Supreme Court Over Rio Grande Razor Wire Barriers

Biden Drags Texas to Supreme Court Over Rio Grande Razor Wire Barriers

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Migrants crossing the Rio Grande River
Source: Koat7News/X

There is an ongoing brawl between the Biden administration and the state of Texas. The crisis involves physical barriers recently installed at the Rio Grande stretch of the Texas-Mexico border. 

The barriers include an installation of 29-mile-long concertina razor wires and buoys along the Eagle Pass of the river. These physical barriers have the approval of Governor Greg Abbott’s administration. 

In defense of these actions, the governor claims the state is only trying to discourage asylum-seeking migrants from illegally crossing into Texas. However, the Biden administration does not see things from Gov.

Abbott’s perspective. As far as members of the Biden administration are concerned, Texas migration laws only make conditions at the border inhumane for asylum seekers. 

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Another example of Abbott’s unwavering stance against illegal migration into Texas is legislation he signed into law last week. The law permits local law enforcement officers to detain asylum seekers. Upon assessment, if evidence shows that such asylum seekers crossed the border illegally, the law allows officers to deport such people. 

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So, the federal government approached the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 5th Circuit on Tuesday. The appeal was made to request permission from the state of Texas to remove the razor wires installed at the Rio Grande border. 

Unfortunately, the Court of Appeals did not approve the prayer and, in fact, barred federal agents from moving or removing the barricade. The only exception is when there is an emergency, of either heat exhaustion or drowning, involving any of the migrants. 

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However, despite the Court of Appeals ruling, the Department of Homeland Security is heading to the Supreme Court for redress. One of the arguments is the federal law that permits Border Patrol agents to access private properties within 25 miles of the border. 

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According to Customs and Border Protection, the primary responsibility of their agents is the migrants constantly crossing into Texas. However, they claim the physical barriers installed by the Texas state government prevent the discharge of their duties. 

The Court of Appeals has indeed stopped any action relating to removing concertina razor wires on the Texas-Mexico border. However, the Court has ordered the removal of the buoys installed on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande River. 

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At the Eagle Pass of the Rio Grande, the water is relatively shallow, and the current is not so violent. So, most migrants now opt to cross the Rio Grande River. Doing so will save them the trouble and expense of crossing by boat. However, Governor Abbott’s administration saw it as a weak point in the border and proceeded to install buoys. 

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Overall, the tussle between the Texas administration and the federal government and the entire migrant crisis left an impression on Americans. Results from a recent Wall Street Journal poll show migration policies would be one of the factors to determine where votes swing in the coming elections. 

The poll estimates that if Biden and Trump come out tops in their respective parties, Trump would lead Biden by four percentage points. In the poll, Trump had 47% of the Vote, while Biden had 43%.

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