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HomeGeneralDisney Employee Sues Studio for Ignoring Alleged Sexual Assault by Company Executive

Disney Employee Sues Studio for Ignoring Alleged Sexual Assault by Company Executive

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A Disney worker who alleges a top executive raped her has sued the Burbank entertainment giant for covering up the top exec’s alleged pattern of sexual abuse. The lawsuit against Disney claims managers repeatedly refused to investigate several complaints about Nolan Gonzales, a former vice president of distribution. 

Consequently, the leaders created an environment in which Gonzales was “free to harass women with impunity.” The plaintiff, John Doe, filed the lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court. She alleges that Disney retaliated against her after she reported Gonzales’ alleged sexual misconduct to the human resources department.

The lawsuit also claimed that management wanted to hide Gonzales’s harassment scandal “because he generated valuable revenue.” The plaintiff added, “Women were discouraged to come forward” about Gonzales because management accepted his conduct. 

They saw it as “part of the entertainment industry,” and firing him “would hurt the company financially.” Consequently, the plaintiff is accusing Disney, Gonzales, and others of sexual harassment, sexual assault, and battery. In addition, retaliation, negligence, disability discrimination, and other grievances.

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These grievances include failure to investigate and prevent sexual harassment. According to the plaintiff, Gonzales raped her several times in 2017 after he drugged her with ecstasy. Also, she claimed he drugged her with a date rape drug, which left her incapacitated.

In addition, she claims Gonzalez “used his position of power and blackmail” to force her to have sex with him. According to the lawsuit, things turned sour when she tried to cut contact with him in 2018. The exec allegedly threatened to release intimate videos of their encounters and “ruin her career” if she cut him off.

Also, the plaintiff alleged that Gonzales repeatedly made unwanted advances towards her. She noted that it started while she worked for him at 20th Century Fox and Disney between 2014 and 2022. She claimed that during her early years at 20th Century Fox, Gonzales repeatedly invaded her personal space.

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According to the lawsuit, Gonzales touched her “at every opportunity” and made sexual remarks. In addition, he referred to her as “his wife” and often asked her out on dates. Also, while in Las Vegas for a conference in 2017, Gonzales ground his pelvis into the plaintiff’s back. 

In addition, he caressed her neck at a casino before begging her to have sex with him in her hotel room. According to the filing, the plaintiff declined, and the experience rattled her.” However, after the conference, the plaintiff alleged that Gonzales’ “comments and touching” became increasingly “aggressive and forceful.”

The plaintiff also claimed she wasn’t Gonzales’ “first victim nor his last.” She added that the company’s management knew about Gonzales’ history of sexual misconduct. In 2018, she complained to Disney’s human resources, which allegedly refused to investigate or take punitive action against him properly.

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However, Gonzales “retired” from his position at Disney” in 2022 after other women allegedly reported his behavior. Afterward, the plaintiff accused Disney of demoting her in 2023 after human resources interviewed her “numerous times” about Gonzales’ misconduct. 

She alleged that Disney demoted her because she reported the sexual assault. Hence, she went on medical leave while suffering from anxiety, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Consequently, the plaintiff is seeking a jury trial and unspecified damages.

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