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Black Doctor Slams Claims That Systemic Racism Influences Black People’s Health

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Several researches and studies assert that racism is the driving force behind Black people’s health issues. However, a recent assertion blaming racism rather than individual choices infuriated Dr. Marilyn Singleton. “This sort of thing makes my blood boil,” Singleton said in an interview.  

“My parents and I grew up in segregated neighborhoods, and we did alright for ourselves.” Before Singleton’s outburst, Dr. Uché Blackstock claimed that Dr. L. Ebony Boulware’s recent study blamed racism for Black people’s health. Blackstock said the study revealed that individual behavior was barely a factor in health compared to “systemic factors.”

“Individuals are only responsible for about 20% of what makes them healthy,” Blackstock said. “The other 80% are these systemic factors that Dr. Boulware and her colleagues studied in this very important research.” In addition, Blackstock said the study needs to inform how many interact in their communities.

Following the interview, Singleton called out both Blackstock and Boulware. She accused the two of pushing politics using an incomplete study. “This sort of proclamation based on a study with admitted limitations is itself racist,” she said. “This attitude infantilizes Black people and robs us of our personal agency.”

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Also, Singleton said, “Structural racism does not make one drink sugary beverages, smoke cigarettes, or eat fried and processed food.” In addition, she condemned the research’s findings, decrying the lack of adequate investigation. “The study authors admit that they did not look at individuals,” Singleton said. 

According to her, the study only looked at one city in the southern United States. Consequently, she said, “Dr. Blackstock’s assertion reeks of politics, not medical science.” “While we have a legacy of slavery, we also have a legacy of strength and resilience, Singleton added. “After all, escaping from slavery required creativity and perseverance.”

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Singleton, a Black doctor, was one of multiple California doctors who filed a lawsuit against the state in August 2023. The doctors sued California’s medical board for mandatory “implicit bias training” in their education. Singleton, on the other hand, blasted the state for the move. 

“The implicit bias requirement promotes the inaccurate belief that White individuals are naturally racist,” Singleton said in a news release. “This message can be detrimental to medical professionals and their patients.” In addition, she said the move “creates an atmosphere of suspicion and animosity.” 

Also, Dr. Richard Bosshardt warned about the dangers of critical race theory or DEI ideology in medical schools. He said the efforts to indoctrinate DEI in medical schools are “at best, foolish and futile.” However, he warned that, at worst, the move is “dangerous” to patients.

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 “There is a finite amount of time in residency to mold a competent surgeon from a fumble-fingered intern,” he said. “To assume that we can continue to turn out excellent surgeons and simultaneously burden surgical education with DEI is foolish,” Bosshardt wrote.

Similarly, Singleton denounced efforts by the government to try and “cure systemic racism.” She argued it is not a way to promote healthy living. She said the government’s obligation to cure systemic racism will only perpetuate separation. In addition, Singleton claimed the move would “stunt the social and economic growth of Black people.

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