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HomeNewsTexas Authorities Find Missing 18-year-old Pregnant Teen Dead

Texas Authorities Find Missing 18-year-old Pregnant Teen Dead

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Texas Authorities Find Missing 18-Year-Old Pregnant Teen Dead
Source: MSN

On December 22, 2023, Savannah Soto, a pregnant 18-year-old Texas woman, went missing. She was nine months pregnant and just one day away from getting induced to deliver her baby on December 23, 2023. However, she never showed up for her appointment at the hospital. 

As she missed her induction appointment, Soto’s family immediately got worried. This was unlike her, and alarm bells went off immediately for them. The last time anyone saw her was on that Thursday in Leon Valley, a city about 10 miles from downtown San Antonio. Therefore, Soto’s family reported their daughter missing to the police. 

Her mother, Gloria Cordova, also shared some information about the teen’s disappearance in a Facebook post. She stated in her post that her daughter never showed up for her doctor’s appointment, making her worry.

She also mentioned that Soto was with her boyfriend, “who is no good,” so she was unsure of her safety. Gloria ended her post by saying, “Prayer for my baby girl.” Another concerned family member also commented on the post with a little prayer for missing Soto and her unborn child. “Dear Lord, please protect her and her baby from the evils of this world,” she wrote. 

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Due to the family’s persistence, the Texas Department of Public Safety released a CLEAR Alert for Savannah on Christmas Day. This alert also described her boyfriend’s 2013 gray Kia Optima car.

Thanks to this information, a Northwest Side apartment complex resident contacted the family, saying he believed a vehicle matching that description was in the complex parking lot.

Sadly, this led to the police finding Soto and her boyfriend, Mathew Guerra, dead in the car. They found it parked just a few miles away from her appointment. The descriptions of the dead bodies matched those of Soto and Guerra, but the police had to run several confirmatory tests to be certain. 

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According to reports, both bodies were in the car for several days before the resident found them on Boxing Day. Soto was in the car’s front seat while Guerra was in the backseat. Both of them died from a single gunshot wound to the head. 

According to Soto’s family, Guerra sold narcotics and other hard drugs, so he was always in danger. The report also said that “the boyfriend would post money and narcotics on Instagram. It was stated that people wanted to rob (Matthew), and it was stated that (he) had been shot at before.”

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On January 3, 2024, the police arrested two people, a man and his son, as the prime suspects in the murders. The police took Ramon Preciado and his son, Christopher, to the station and questioned them. 

There, Christopher confessed that he was in a struggle with Guerra, and he shot Soto by mistake. Another struggle allegedly resulted in him shooting Guerra as well. Ramon then helped Christopher move these bodies to prevent the police from catching them.

However, a surveillance video showed the father and son in the parking lot, eventually leading to their arrest. Authorities have charged both of them on several counts, and Soto’s family is hopeful to get the justice their daughter deserves. 

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