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Man Admits to Killing Ex-Girlfriend After Authorities Found Him in Her Bloodstained SUV 

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Trent Ivy and Murdered Marquisha Williams
Source: BlancoTarantino/X

Police have arrested the ex-boyfriend of a Missouri woman who went missing and was later found dead. The suspect has confessed to killing her during an argument. 

Marquisha Williams was a 29-year-old mother of four kids who suddenly disappeared on December 20, 2023. Her relatives, who laid a missing persons report with the police, also disclosed that she was reportedly last seen with the defendant. 

An aunt of the victim, Sandy Bagley, told newsmen that on the day her niece went missing, security footage caught her and her boyfriend, Trenton Ivy. The duo was seen dropping off William’s 2-year-old son at his daycare center. “Maybe they were arguing that morning. The baby kept crying, and the scene looked a little stressful,” Bagley recalled. 

Williams broke up with Ivy last year and agreed to share parenting responsibilities with him. 

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Williams’s family became worried after she failed to pick up her kid from the daycare center. According to Bagley, this was pretty unusual. “We knew something was wrong, she is always on time when she picks up her children,” she told the St Louis County police. 

Bagley described Williams as “Very, very, very sweet, calm, and nice.” She also described her niece as a mother with immense love for her kids. Plus, Williams was someone who people loved being around. 

“My niece was so excited about Christmas and really looking forward to celebrating the holiday with us and her four children,” Bagley recalled. 

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“We searched in the woods and all along Interstate 55. We just want to find her, lay her to rest, and try to start healing,” Bagley said. “We want [Ivy] to tell us: where is Marquisha?” 

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“Her baby boy is not the happy child he normally is because he’s crying a lot. He’s missing his mom. We will keep searching for her body,” she said.

To the relief of Williams’ family, police caught up with Ivy two days later. The police caught 31-year-old Ivy in Racine, Wisconsin. They arrested him on charges of resisting an officer, fleeing an officer in a vehicle, and using a dangerous weapon. 

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According to reports, the defendant was driving in Williams’s Jeep Compass at the time of his arrest. Police found her personal belongings in the car along with “blood and biological material.” 

St. Louis County Police also reported that Ivy had confessed to disposing of the victim’s corpse in an undisclosed location. The police are working on moving the defendant from Wisconsin to Missouri to face charges. 

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The police say they are still searching for the victim’s body. After a long search at Staunton, they returned without any results. Police believe she could have been in this area before she went missing. 

Williams’s mother, Norvette Chavis, and stepfather, Terrence, passionately appeal to the public to help with any helpful information about Williams’s whereabouts. 

“We love her, miss her, her kids miss her! They most definitely miss her. My grandbaby needs his mom. He’s not even 2 years old yet,” Norvette Chavis lamented. 

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