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“Let Border Patrol Do Its Job!” Texas Border Sheriff Blasts Mayorkas

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Mugshot of Mayorkas at a gathering
Source: DHS/Picryl

During an America’s Newsroom interview, Texas Sheriff Brad Coe had good words for Governor Greg Abbott. According to Coe, Abbott is taking the bull by the horns in Texas, with his intervention in the many federal lapses on migration policies,

Sherriff Coe shared how he and his six full-time deputies were stretched thin while trying to put illegal migrants in check during the past year. For example, his men participated in about 260 high-speed pursuits in 2023. In all, 90% of the chases led to arrest.

However, Coe points out that the migrant crises at the Mexican border are posing serious security threats to the residents of Kinney County. One notable concern Coe raised is a children’s school that lies along a major migrant corridor in the county.

Sheriff Coe thinks that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas is not up to the task of handling the crisis at the Southern borders. In Coe’s opinion, Border Patrol would do a better job at putting illegal migrants in check. Unfortunately, the U.S. Constitution has vested the Customs and Border Protection with the primary responsibility of handling migration issues in the country. 

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Coe knows Jason Owens’ work history and reputation from serving several years with the Border Patrol. However, the Sheriff is one of the many who are crying out for Secretary Mayorkas to allow Border Patrol officers to address the ongoing border crisis. 

However, Secretary Mayorkas has defended the Department of Homeland Security. According to him, it is an open secret that the federal immigration laws have several loopholes. So, he is only able to work within the emphasis of the laws backing his operations.

To this end, Mayorkas mentions that he has continually called for Congress to review the laws. In addition, Mayorkas claims that the CBP is grossly underfunded and needs additional cash injections to help the Border Patrol work more effectively. 

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For example, the CBP has very small limits on detention facilities relative to the recent massive influx of asylum seekers into the country. Nonetheless, Mayorkas chips in that while it may seem a drop in the cup, the CBP has removed a sizable number of illegal migrants during his tenure.

Likewise, a Fox News correspondent asked the secretary about a recent report on migrant releases. The report claims that the CBP eventually releases about three-quarters of all migrants that pass through them at the borders. In response, Mayorkas points out that it still boils down to the limits and the order of process under the current immigration laws.

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According to immigration laws, when the detention facilities of the CBP exceed the maximum capacity, the excess migrants are released and placed in enforcement proceedings. This is an alternative to detention. However, the proceedings might take a while, and the migrants remain in the U.S. while it plays out.

As far as critics of Secretary Mayorkas, like Coe, are concerned, the CBP is slack in handling the migrant crisis. However, the secretary often points out that the immigration laws that govern the CBP’s operations are over 30 years old. Irrespective of these excuses, Republicans are on the verge of moving for Mayorkas’ impeachment.

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