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Tom Suozzi’s Win Brings Democrats Closer to Majority

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Tom Suozzi
Source: Eyewitness News ABC7NY/YouTube

Each win is a big deal in American politics, and Tom Suozzi’s recent victory is no exception. Tom Suozzi won a seat in the unique House of Representative election on Long Island. It was a win for Democrats as it got them closer to securing majority positions in legislative bodies. 

The seat became vacant when the House decided to expel Republican George Santos. Santos was indicted on fraud charges after discovering he had fabricated stories concerning his life history. Considering that the House election on Long Island is of national interest, the Democrats are investing heavily in the campaign.

With millions of dollars poured into the campaign, the Democrats centered on the GOP’s criticisms of President Joe Biden’s immigration policies. They focused mainly on the increase of migrants at the southern border.

Suozzi’s opponent, Mazi Pilip, focused most of her campaign ads on linking Suozzi to Biden’s border policies. However, Suozzi took a more assertive position on border issues than many of his Democratic counterparts. He also criticized Pilip for opposing a bipartisan deal that Senate Republicans rejected the previous week.

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The election attracted attention for several reasons. For one, it revolved around Santos’s previous seat. Secondly, the outcome in New York’s Third District held significant implications for Democrats seeking to regain control of the House. 

Despite Biden’s eight-point victory in the district during the 2020 election, Santos secured a seven-point win two years later. With approximately 93 percent of the votes, Suozzi was ahead by nearly eight points.

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Suozzi’s win means House Speaker Mike Johnson has fewer Republicans, with a majority of 219-213. This makes his job of managing the Republican caucus harder. This difficulty was evident last week when they struggled to pass a resolution to impeach President Joe Biden’s top border official, Alejandro Mayorkas.

Nevertheless, political experts have cautioned against concluding special elections. Usually, these political races have low turnout and different histories of predicting future outcomes. Moreover, this election faced challenges like a snowstorm that reduced voter participation. This made it difficult to draw a national conclusion.  

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Usually, Democratic voters prefer early voting or mail-in ballots, while Republicans rely more on in-person voting, which was affected by the weather on Election Day. The election showed two different trends. Democrats usually do well in smaller elections thanks to support from wealthier suburban voters. 

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But on Long Island, Republicans have been winning most seats since 2020. The Nassau County GOP, a solid political group, has made a big comeback. “We took the wind out of their sails for years,” Suozzi told the Atlantic during a recent interview, “but they’re back to being the strongest Republican machine in New York State.”

Suozzi has been a familiar face in the district for thirty years. He served as Nassau County executive and held the House seat for three terms before running for governor unsuccessfully in 2022. Suozzi has shown his history of working across party lines in the last few weeks. He distanced himself from Biden while focusing on his bipartisan credentials. 

When the race was finally called, Suozzi’s immediate reaction was relief. “Thank God,” he said when addressing his supporters. Suozzi’s words captured not only his personal feelings after a contentious campaign but also the sentiment of his party.

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