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“It Was a Big Mistake!” Republicans Lament Kicking Out Santos as Suozzi’s Win Shrinks Majority

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“It Was a Big Mistake!” Republicans Lament Kicking Out Santos as Suozzi’s Win Shrinks Majority
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Many Republicans are unhappy about Democrat Tom Suozzi winning a special election on Tuesday night. Suozzi won his old New York congressional seat that disgraced George Santos held before. Due to Santos’ impure ways, both Republicans and Democrats were strongly against him. 

However, some Republicans are reeling from this loss, saying it’s better to have Santos there than to lose another seat to Democrats. “So who still thinks Republicans helping Democrats kick out Santos was a good idea?” tweeted Rep. Mike Collins, R-Ga., following Suozzi’s win.

Rep. Troy Nehls, R-Texas, agreed, telling Axios, “It was a big mistake.” Another Republican said, “Santos was a solid vote for the conservative voice, and we kicked him out.” Santos had a reputation for negative things, which is why they decided to just him. His background included lies and fraudulent activities.

Therefore, most voted to expel him after the House Ethics Committee investigated him last December. However, this led to an empty seat that Democrats could fill if they won the election. That is why some Republicans believe leaving Santos in the seat was better.

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“That was a strong Democratic seat to begin with, and for however George Santos presented himself to win that seat, he was successful,” Rep. Mark Alford, R-Mo. said. “I think now … those who made the decision that George Santos should be expelled, if they’re not having second thoughts, they’re maybe reevaluating the entire process.

You may be able to remove someone from the House, but the repercussions could be greater than letting that person stay.” This seems to be the general consensus, as many others agree. However, some still believe they did the right thing.

To these people, losing the seat was the price to pay for Santos’ incompetence. Therefore, they remained steadfast even as the GOP lost the seat. According to Axios, Rep. Carlos Gimenez, R-Fla., said he has “absolutely no regrets” about voting Santos out. Rep. Marc Molinaro, R-N.Y., also said something similar to the outlet.

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He said that Santos “was a con man and a crook and shouldn’t have been a member of Congress. Perhaps George Santos, being honest, would have kept one more seat in Congress.” Furthermore, some people believe Suozzi’s opponent could have done better. 

Fox News’ Kellyanne Conway criticized Mazi Pilip for her method of campaigning. She noted that Suozzi did a way better job, unlike her GOP counterpart. As this was a very important seat for the party, she believes Philip should have done more. 

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Many Republicans are upset about this win because it signifies a further decrease in republican power in the House. With Suozzi’s win, it currently stands at 219-213. While Republicans are still the majority, the gap is closer than ever. 

Therefore, they can’t afford to lose any more seats. Instead, they need to win as many more as possible to continue having power in the House. 

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