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Republicans Say Trump Is Out of Cash, Claim He Might Offset Legal Fees With RNC Money

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Donald standing by as Lara Trump addresses the audience
Source: News 6 WKMG/X

 Many GOP bigwigs are uncomfortable with Donald Trump’s recent endorsement of his daughter-in-law as a co-chair of the Republican National Committee. 

Yes, it is perfectly normal for a presidential candidate to make a preference from an already available pool of nominees for this kind of party appointment. However, it is unsettling that Trump is eyeing a family member to fill that seat. 

The speculators believe that bringing such filial affiliations to the RNC may trigger another instance of fund diversion. All of America is abuzz with Trump’s many active litigations, and they are all expensive to prosecute. So, these bigwigs are standing by to see the outcome of Trump’s RNC endorsements, lest party funds end up as plaintiffs or lawyers’ settlements. 

In all, Trump nominated three committee members, his daughter-in-law inclusive. According to Henry Barbour, An RNC member representing Mississippi, most committee members will remain indifferent to Trump’s nominations until he goes for the war chest. 

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Oscar Brock is another committee member who is not very supportive of Trump. During a recent interview, Brock explained that the RNC passed its budget a few weeks ago in anticipation of the coming elections. However, he said they made no provision for Trump’s legal fees. In addition, Brock said he anticipates Trump asking committee members to modify the budget in a bid to cover his legal bills. 

Without mincing words, Brock points out that he will be the first to oppose any budget alterations. The Tennessee committeeman feels it is wrong to fund legal proceedings of events that occurred outside the activities of the RNC. This committee member is essentially telling Trump to fund his legal activities from some other source than the RNC’s kitty. 

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However, Chris LaCivita, another source other to Trump on campaign matters, has dispelled claims that the RNC will settle Trump’s legal bills. LaCivita claims that Trump has different sources of funds for prosecuting his lawsuits. He said Trump can draw funds from his leadership PAC Save America. Also, LaCivita clarified that Trump has been settling most of his legal bills up until now, and it should not be a problem in the future. 

The fears of the committee members still remain, and Trump’s intentions are under scrutiny. Between 2020 and 2021, the RNC paid almost $2 million to two law firms handling Trump’s cases at the time. 

However, speculations still abound that Trump has great plans for the RNC, as he is trying to call the shots for the who is who on the committee. First off, he suggested a merger of the Trump campaign and RNC.

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As a follow-up, Trump nominated Michael Whatley, current state head of the North Carolina GOP, as RNC’s chair. Furthermore, he nominated his daughter-in-law, Lara Trump, and Chris LaCivita as co-chair and chief operating officer, respectively. 

According to LaCivita, Trump’s goal for making those key nominations is to repurpose the NRC. According to the campaign strategist, “President Trump made perfectly clear that the number one priority of the RNC was to stop cheating. And that will be reflected in the budget and that will be reflected in personnel and that will be reflected in activity.” 

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