Friday, May 24, 2024
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Poll Shows Americans Think Democrats Can Replace Biden as the 2024 Presidential Nominee

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Collage of Trump and Biden as Presidents
Source: Monmouth University

There are strong indications that Democrats may hunt for a candidate to replace President Biden in the coming elections. If this change in trajectory does occur, it would probably be because close to half of all Americans are not confident in the sitting president’s health. 

In a recent poll conducted by researchers at Monmouth University, Americans seem to see Donald Trump as the better of two evils. Americans are not ignorant of the many controversies and litigations trailing Trump.

Still, most people don’t think Biden’s health would sustain him for another four years in office. Data from the Monmouth University Poll suggests that only 32% of Americans are confident that Biden is healthy enough to run for another term in office. 

Before the 2020 elections, Monmouth conducted a similar poll. At that time, 50% of respondents were confident in Biden’s capacity to man the Oval Office. However, that figure suffered a roughly 20-point decline this year. 

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Likewise, responses to Monmouth’s 2024 pre-elections poll indicate that about 48% of Americans look forward to Democrats handing the party flag to another candidate. Basically, we can infer that many people see Biden as unfit to run for a second term of presidency. 

The poll also took an interesting turn in predicting the final outcome of the GOP primaries. About 33% of respondents think GOPs will consider replacing Trump on the ballots due to his legal baggage. 

By implication, this may be the last generation of Baby Boomers to rule the United States. Biden currently holds the record of the oldest sitting president in US history, and his top contender, Trump, is 77.

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Just last week, Special Counsel Robert Hur raised a lot of dust after releasing a report on Biden’s ongoing probe for possessing classified documents. Portions of the Hur report suggest that Biden is experiencing physical limitations and may be experiencing symptoms of memory loss.

POLL — Should Donald J. Trump Be Allowed to Run for Office?

Not long after Hur’s report, Vice President Kamala Harris inferred that she was ready to run. She made this statement during a Wall Street Journal interview. So, to some extent, the speculation that Biden may step down for another Democrat could be on cue. 

After making the poll results available to the public, the Monmouth University Polling Institute made a statement about its implications. Patrick Murray, director at the Institute, said, “It’s interesting that voters in the same age bracket as both candidates don’t see much of a difference in terms of their stamina.” This means age or health does not influence who they vote for. 

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However, Murray further explains that younger voters, those below 70 years, expressed more confidence in Trump’s fitness to withstand the rigors of the US presidency. In this age bracket, 50% suggest they will vote for Trump based on his health, while only 30% are confident that Biden can go another mile.

The poll also suggests Trump will lead Biden by a 2% margin during the November elections. Nonetheless, it is all a hypothesis. We can only wait to see who emerges in the primaries and how well the candidates can make their case during the campaign’s final stretch. 

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