Tuesday, May 28, 2024
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Kellyanne Conway Urges Republicans to Learn From New York House Seat Loss to Democrats

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Popular Fox News Contributor Kellyanne Conway
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Popular Fox News Contributor Kellyanne Conway recently highlighted a learning moment for Republicans. She urged them to use the loss of a New York House seat to former Democratic Rep. Tom Suozzi to further understand what gives one the advantage. Suozzi went against GOP rival Mazi Pilip and lost the closely watched special election

The reporter also said that Suozzi successfully got the seat by taking advantage of early voting rules and distancing himself from the Biden administration’s border policies.  Therefore, this gave him the upper hand in the election race.  “Suozzi did two things that were smart that the Republicans better learn from,” she started. 

“Number one, early voting. He killed it by two to one, I think, in Queens and by 16% in Nassau County, or vice versa. The [snowstorm] yesterday in New York, where all three of us were, proves that this bank your vote early, getting that early vote and making Republican and center-right voters comfortable with voting early is incredibly important.”

Second, she said that Suozzi went against his own party, knowing it would benefit him. “Number two, Suozzi, instead of lying like every other Democrat seems to be doing these days, ‘Mayorkas is doing a great job. There’s no crisis at the border. The border czar Kamala’s wonderful. Biden’s right.’ What did he do? He said, I better go against my party on the border,” she said. 

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“Paid advertising, mailers, press conferences, public appeals. So, he has shown the Democrats how to run on the border. I think Republicans should do the same thing with abortion. Instead of being ostriches and pretending, with their head in the sand, they should be peacocks and say, look, this is what it means to be pro-life in 2024.”

She also applauded him for taking this bold stance, regardless of what people thought. “And instead of hiding, own it and message it. I think he did a great job on that going against his party. Let’s see how many Democrats follow suit,” she said. 

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Conway also noted that Pilip made a huge mistake by not taking a direct stance. Instead, she took a “wishy-washy” stance on whether she supports former President Trump’s candidacy. “When you sit in the middle of the highway, you become political roadkill,” she added.

Without a doubt, it was not surprising that Suozzi won his old seat back. His campaign showed promise, and it was clear who the favorite to win was. Authorities announced his win just over an hour after the polls closed. 

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What’s more, Suozzi’s win marks a great setback for the Republicans. They are currently hanging on to a razor-thin majority in the House after losing many to Democrats. Now, the numbers stand at 219-213 once they swear Suozzi in. If they lose seven more seats, the Democrats will have the majority power in the House. 

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