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Republicans Achieve Landslide Victory in Louisiana General Elections

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The Republican Party has pulled off a clean sweep in the just-concluded Louisiana three runoff elections. Thereby securing the state’s top political offices in landslide victories.

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Jeff Landry’s unexpected win in the governorship race marked a shift from Democrat to Republican leadership.

In addition, voters elected Nancy Landry as secretary of state with 67% of the vote. Also, they voted for Liz Baker Murrill as attorney general with 66% of the vote and John Fleming as treasurer with 65% of the vote.

Notably, Nancy Landry became the first woman to hold the Secretary of State office, while Liz Murrill became the first woman elected Attorney General in Louisiana. On the other hand, John Fleming’s victory for State Treasurer further solidified the GOP’s hold in the state.

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Voters also re-elected Republican Billy Nungesser as lieutenant governor in the primary. Also, Tim Temple ran unopposed in the insurance commissioner race, as did Mike Strain, the incumbent agriculture commissioner.

Following the landslide victory, Jeff Landry took to X, formerly known as Twitter, to thank the voters. “I am grateful to the voters of Louisiana for the trust they have placed in me … My message of competent, conservative experience resonates with voters across our state,” Landry stated. “I look forward to working right away to make Louisiana No. 1 in election integrity.”

The newly elected treasurer, Fleming, also said, “We have, I think, the recipe that will be well-positioned to, with the support of the people of Louisiana, finally solve many of the problems that we’ve had in Louisiana for many, many decades.”

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According to reports, many voters sat this election out. According to the Secretary of State’s office, the unofficial voter turnout was about 22% statewide. The reports also suggest a measly 15% turnout in Orleans and Jefferson parishes.

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While about 39% of the 3 million voters statewide qualified to vote are Democrats, 34% are Republicans. However, the GOP’s victory came despite the state having more registered Democrats.

Also, many expected the many Republicans in the Louisiana race to affect Landry’s win in the first round. Instead, it forced a one-on-one runoff with the leading Democratic candidate, former state Transportation Secretary Shawn Wilson. Consequently, with the endorsement of former President Donald Trump, Landry consolidated support.

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Following his election victory, Landry will succeed Democratic Gov. John Bel Edwards, who is term-limited, in January. Gov. Edwards has ruled the state for two terms after winning the deep red state in 2015 and 2019. Landry, a Republican former member of Congress, has been vocal about his support for the state’s near-total ban on abortion. 

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“It is my belief that a parish or municipality should not benefit from the hard-working taxpayers of this State while ignoring laws validly enacted by the people through their representatives,” Landry wrote in a letter to the state bond board after New Orleans officials said they would not use city resources to prosecute abortion cases. While many think Landry is a staunch conservative, others deem him fit for the office. 

Nonetheless, the outcome of the Louisiana election gives the GOP complete leadership starting in January. The election results mean no Democrat will hold statewide office in Louisiana after term-limited Gov. John Bel Edwards leaves in January. In addition, it also follows the trend of Republican growth in the South and near West.

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