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Biden Slams Republicans, Says they’re Afraid of Trump’s Border Threat

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President Joe Biden
Source: CNN

President Joe Biden didn’t mince words when he suggested that Republicans were caving to fear of Donald Trump in their opposition to a bipartisan border security bill.

“If the bill fails, I want to be absolutely clear about something: the American people are gonna know why it failed,” Biden asserted. “Trump and the MAGA Republicans said no because they’re afraid of Donald Trump.”

Biden also alleged that Trump had been actively pressuring Republicans to disagree with the proposal, stating, “Republicans in the House and the Senate [are] threatened and try to intimidate them to vote against this proposal.”

Last weekend, Trump criticized the bipartisan border security bill, which proposes increasing the number of border patrol agents, enhancing the asylum system, and granting the president executive authority to shut down the border.

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“Only a fool, or a Radical Left Democrat, would vote for this horrendous Border Bill, which only gives Shutdown Authority after 5000 Encounters a day when we already have the right to CLOSE THE BORDER NOW, which must be done. This Bill is a great gift to the Democrats and a Death Wish for The Republican Party,” Trump said on Truth Social.

He added: “It takes the HORRIBLE JOB the Democrats have done on Immigration and the Border, absolves them, and puts it all squarely on the shoulders of Republicans. Don’t be STUPID!!!

We need a separate Border and Immigration Bill. It should not be tied to foreign aid in any way, shape, or form! The Democrats broke Immigration and the Border. They should fix it. MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!!!”

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Senator James Lankford clarified the bill’s intent, emphasizing its focus on border closure rather than facilitating entry. “The emergency authority is not designed to let 5,000 people in. It is designed to close the border and turn 5,000 people around.

The Border Emergency Authority only lasts 3 years to force this Admin to shut down the border & to give time for the next POTUS to hire more agents & more officers. After three years, the emergency authority expires because we should have regained full control of our border by then.”

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The bill’s reception among lawmakers has been mixed, with many Republicans expressing opposition. House Speaker Mike Johnson declared the bill “dead on arrival in the House,” criticizing its failure to address asylum and immigration reform adequately.

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer echoed Biden’s sentiments, emphasizing the pressure faced by Republican senators from the Trump-aligned faction. Despite challenges, Schumer expressed hope for the bill’s passage in the Senate.

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Looking ahead, Lankford suggested that GOP senators would propose amendments to the bill. However, given Johnson’s remarks, it faces an uphill battle in the House. Responding to Biden’s remarks, Republican Representative Lauren Boebert emphasized the urgency of the upcoming elections, criticizing Biden’s handling of the border crisis.

In a charged political atmosphere, the fate of the bipartisan border security bill remains uncertain, highlighting the ongoing tensions between parties and the enduring influence of Trump’s legacy.

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