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CNN Anchors Speechless on Live TV After Learning Why Migrant Gangs Don’t Stay in Florida 

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What could render a TV show anchor speechless? Especially if they are top-rated professionals from CNN who always seem to know what to say next. 

On a recent CNN show, two anchors spoke with the network’s Chief Law Enforcement and Intelligence Analyst, John Miller. Viewers experienced an awkward silence when Miller reached an unexpected conclusion about some criminal migrants. 

Miller was discussing how migrants from Florida travel to New York to commit crimes. Afterward, the migrants move back to Florida before returning to New York for another round of crime. Miller said he spoke to detectives about the situation. “But I’m like ‘Why don’t they just stay and steal in Florida?'” 

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This question was in respect of a growing crime wave in New York, which has been linked to migrants. Specifically, the co-hosts and Miller were talking about the attack by migrants on two New York police officers. 

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A surveillance video around Times Square showed more than a dozen men in hoods beating up the officers. The officers who approached the migrant shelters had attempted to detain one of the men before the attack. 

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According to Miller, some of the migrants will commit crimes in New York and go to Florida to spend the financial proceeds. The police officers told Miller the reason. “Because there you go to jail,” Miller was told. 

This conclusion came as a shock to the two CNN anchors, Erica Hill and Phil Mattingly. Viewers could notice the moment of silence that followed. Afterward, Hill simply said, “Oh,” while Mattingly said, “Fair point.”

Police charged six of the perpetrators and released five on bail despite being multiple offenders. Only one of them is still in jail. The rest have reportedly fled to California with the assistance of a charity organization. 

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This calls into question the worrisome soft-on-crime policies of New York and some other blue states. Since the George Floyd protests, District attorneys have been shockingly lenient to criminals. CNN has been accused of overlooking or defending the trend.

Little wonder the CNN hosts weren’t expecting Miller to reveal what many believe is the hard truth. Miller himself, an NYPD Deputy Commissioner of Intelligence and Counterterrorism, probably has had enough of the growing crime rate. 

However, Miller clarified that not every migrant has engaged in crime. He revealed that most migrants make an honest living. 

Miller spoke about the level of involvement of the criminally inclined ones. Talking about the ones who assaulted the police officers, Miller said he had gone through their rap sheets. He revealed that they each had histories of “Grand larceny, robbery, [or] attempted robbery.” 

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“This particular crew operated on mopeds and scooters,” he further said. “They were doing organized retail theft, they were doing snatches on the streets. iPhones, iPads, clothing, so on and so forth,” he disclosed. 

“I’m looking at the dates their arrests started, which is probably close to when they got here,” he said. “They’ve only been here a couple of months.” 

People have also linked the worsening crime rates to the unprecedented influx of illegal immigrants under the nose of the Biden administration. This is another claim CNN has repeatedly attempted to debunk. 

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