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Experts Kick Against Biden’s Gaza Strategy, Say It’s an Illogical Disaster

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President Joe Biden
Source: Joe Biden/YouTube

President Joe Biden’s decision not to advocate for a ceasefire in Israel’s war with Gaza has been criticized both at home and abroad. With casualties increasing, including the loss of at least 26,000 Palestinian lives, many question the reason behind his approach. His conduct regarding the handling of international affairs could potentially pose security risks on a global scale.

On October 7, 2023, three U.S. servicemen died, and 34 others were injured in a drone attack near Jordan’s border with Syria. The attack, which Iran-backed militants launched, revealed the real dangers associated with the ongoing war. Without a call for a ceasefire, these regional tensions could escalate into violence with far-reaching consequences.

The inaction of the president sends a troubling message to the Israelis, Palestinians as well as the international community. It suggests that the United States is unwilling or unable to play a constructive role in resolving the conflict and preventing further bloodshed.

President Joe Biden had promised that his tenure would restore direction to America’s foreign policy. He aimed to ensure that there was stability in the U.S. global engagements. At least his administration had worked to fulfill this commitment until the October 7 Hamas attack. The attack led to the gruesome death of 1,200 lives in Isreal. 

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The Islamic Resistance, a coalition of Iranian-backed groups, claimed responsibility for the attack. Before the attack, his administration took a cautious approach to international affairs. Instead of rushing into conflicts or escalating tensions, the administration focused more on diplomatic engagements.

This careful approach was seen in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. When Russia threatened Ukraine, officials were careful not to get the U.S. involved in a direct conflict. Instead, they focused on building stronger ties with allies and quietly supporting Ukraine’s military.

In the Middle East, Biden avoided clashes with Iran and Russia in Syria and Iraq. When Iranian-backed groups attacked U.S. sites in the region, the U.S. responded calmly and emphasized the need to calm things down.

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However, it seems the strategic approach of diplomatic engagement has shifted gears. Rather than using military assistance as leverage to Israel, totaling $3.8 billion, the administration chose to channel millions of dollars of weapons to Israel. Biden sought Congress’s approval for an additional $14.3 billion in military aid to Israel. 

The explicit support of Israel’s military campaign has raised questions about the shift in U.S. foreign policy. The October 7 attack has now drawn scrutiny from the domestic and international front. Not only that, it has also caused Biden’s administration to reassess its position on foreign policies and strategies.

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The president has promised that the U.S. shall respond to the attack. However, it seems his supporters are losing faith in him. According to The New York Times poll, only one in three registered voters approve of the President’s handling of the conflict. But despite the damages already done, the administration can still deliver on its promise.

President Biden can take decisive action by calling for a ceasefire involving all parties embroiled in the conflict. This would align with the administration’s foreign policy and conflict resolution. It would also prevent further bloodshed and instability in the region.

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