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FCC Links AI-Generated Biden Robocall to Texas Companies

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President Biden answering a call in public
Source: Ars Technica/X

 The New Hampshire attorney general has come public with the details of a telecoms company that is responsible for a fictitious Joe Biden call from last month. The Federal Communications Commission has oversight of such infractions and has since sent a caution letter to the Texas-based company. 

So far, the Biden Robocall has been the most prominent infraction on someone’s identity, using AI to generate deep fake content. Only last month, a picture of Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein went viral on Facebook. Forensic analysis later revealed the image to be fake and retouched using AI. 

Likewise, findings reveal that the Biden Campaign calls in New Hampshire are just another instance of misinformation through realistic deep fakes. Authorities traced the fake calls to Lingo Telecoms. The company may not be the actual originator of the fake calls. However, Lingo was just a channel that disruptors exploited for misinformation. 

To prosecute the investigation further, the FCC  and the office of the New Hampshire attorney general collaborated to issue a cease-and-desist order to Lingo Telecoms. The telecoms company then fingered one of their subscribers, Life Corporation, as the source of the fake calls. Investigators found Walter Monk to be the brain behind Life Corporation. 

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Lingo has since suspended the license of Life Corporation, and the attorney general of New Hampshire has also issued the company a cease-and-desist order. So far, neither Monk nor Life Corporation have responded to official correspondence. Nonetheless, New Hampshire officials have pointed out that the Life Corporation’s activities violate voter suppression laws. 

Normally, telecom service providers don’t scrutinize transcripts or records of their users without probable cause. However, after receiving a notice from state officials that a user of Lingo Telecom was sending out bogus calls, they quickly did some investigation. 

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According to Looyan Egal, head of FCC’s Enforcement Bureau, the generation of campaign calls and jingles with AI technology has become a recent challenge that his office is dealing with in recent times. Many of the AI-generated voices are fake and stoke misinformation among members of the public. The most vulnerable members of society to such misinformation are those who are unaware of the extensive capabilities of generative AI. 

The FCC started receiving complaints about the New Hampshire fake calls on January 21. This was just two days before the New Hampshire Democratic primaries. The misinforming calls were in Biden’s voice, and the transcript reads thus: “Republicans have been trying to push nonpartisan and democratic voters to participate in their primary. What a bunch of malarkey. We know the value of voting democratic when our votes count. You must save your vote for the November election. … Voting this Tuesday only enables the Republicans in their quest to elect Donald Trump again. Your vote makes a difference in November, not this Tuesday.” 

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So, Egal affirms that his bureau will do all in its power to curb the spread of AI-generated content. Recently, Meta also called for digital tagging of all such content. 

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