Sunday, February 18, 2024
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HomeNewsExperts Accuse Biden Administration of Letting Non-Citizens Determine Political Representation 

Experts Accuse Biden Administration of Letting Non-Citizens Determine Political Representation 

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Source: Quora

Let’s face it, Democrats have a lot to gain from open borders. The more migrants blue states welcome and harbor, the more political power they can wield. If not, then why will President Biden go out of his way to ensure that there are record numbers of illegal aliens pouring into the country every day? Political experts have accused Democrats of trying to cook the books in their favor. 

During the Trump era, the government tried to exclude noncitizens from census counts. This was a pretty logical thing to do. Governments across the world organize census to capture the number of citizens in the country. 

But in what came as a shock to many, the Biden administration wasted no time in scaling back the efforts. In addition, he allowed more noncitizens to flood the country through the southern border. 

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One major implication of Biden’s move is that it gives more power to blue states that have supported the influx of illegals. With their swelling numbers, these states will earn more congressional seats in parliament and, therefore, more representation. 

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The blue states will also get more electoral college votes due to their population boost. All thanks to the present census policy that will count both citizens and noncitizens, including the unprecedented number of illegals that have come into the country under Biden’s watch. 

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As the blue states get additional congressional seats, they rob red states of some of theirs. This is because the constitution has pegged the total number of seats to 435. Electoral College votes will also adjust accordingly. 

Democrats haven’t hidden their desire to gain more power through the inflow of new residents. In a 2021 congressional hearing centered on Haitian immigrants, Rep. Yvette Clark, D-N.Y., couldn’t help but spill out the secret craving. 

POLL—Should the U.S. Government Create a Path to Citizenship for Undocumented Immigrants?

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She said her district can take in “a significant number of these migrants.” But for what purpose? “I need more people in my district for redistricting purposes,” she said. 

Blue States such as New York, Illinois, and California have also expressed their desire to house illegal immigrants. These States have carved out Sanctuary Cities to house illegal immigrants and shore up their populations. It is becoming apparent that these moves have little to do with sympathy and hospitality. 

Also, blue states like New York that are losing residents to red states like Florida need illegal immigrants to maintain their numbers. Hence, their operation of sanctuary cities. 

The legislative arm of government can stem this tide. If lawmakers can revise the constitution to exclude noncitizens from census counts, it could end the crisis in our border. 

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Thankfully, some Republicans in the Senate are rounding off on a bill to address the issue. Sen. Bill Hagerty, R-Tenn., and dozens of other lawmakers drawn from both the Senate and the House are behind the bill. 

If the bill scales through the legislative chambers, the worst that could happen is that Democrats challenge it at the Supreme Court. Even there, the bill has enough merit to come out unscathed. 

Being a citizen of the greatest country on earth is an honor and privilege. This blessing must come with some special rights. One of which should be the exclusivity of being counted in a census.

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