Sunday, July 21, 2024
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HomeNewsPresident Biden Thanks Las Vegas Hospitality Workers Ahead of Nevada Primaries

President Biden Thanks Las Vegas Hospitality Workers Ahead of Nevada Primaries

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Biden addressing union members in Nevada
Source: jmaas1012/Reddit

Earlier in the week, President Biden was in Las Vegas and made a quick visit to the Vdara Hotel, where he met with some Local 226 Culinary hospitality workers. During the visit, the president congratulated the workers and appreciated their support for himself and the Union. 

The Culinary Workers Union, representing hospitality workers’ interests, has reached a tentative agreement with six hotel casinos and called off a strike with one more. Initially, the hospital workers who met with Biden were initially planning a walkout at the beginning of Super Bowl week.

However, the Union intervened and averted the work boycott across multiple Vegas casinos and hotels. So, while addressing the few hospitality workers at the Vdara Hotel, Biden said, “I came to say thank you — not just thank you for the support you’ve given me the last time out and this time, but for having faith in the union.” 

The POTUS arrived in Las Vegas on Sunday and made some campaign appearances right after arrival. He was there to mobilize supporters for the Democrats primary elections coming up on Tuesday. While appearing before a mammoth crowd of democrats, Biden thanked his supporters in Las Vegas’s Historic Westside for their large turnout.

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After the Sunday campaign appearance, Biden dropped by at the Vdara Hotel to see union members. Finally, the president made his last Vegas public appearance for the week at a boba tea shop before returning to Washington. 

The Culinary Workers Union in Las Vegas is a force to reckon with as far as the primaries are concerned. This is probably the sole purpose of President Biden’s renewal of acquaintanceship with the union members. 

In Las Vegas alone, the Union has a strength of 60,000 workers whose interests they represent. Naturally, the Union calls the shots when it comes to the votes of their members. Basically, when a union endorses a candidate, members follow the light. So, Biden made it a point to appreciate the Culinary Union members for making their workers happy by fighting for the best working conditions.

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It is a familiar playbook for Biden to court the favor of different labor unions, and he does not seem to hide it. Recently, the United Auto Workers union gave him their unreserved endorsement.

This was one of Biden’s selling points in his speech at the Sunday campaign appearance. He pointed this out to the largely Black attendees at the campaign rally of his selling. Biden said, “I make no apologies for being the most pro-union president in America.”

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The Democrats primaries may experience some glitches or dissent from voters, without resolutions to the culinary workers’ agitations. Likewise, Las Vegas will be experiencing an influx of some 330,000 football fans this week. So, having hospitality workers down tools will be a disaster for casinos and hotels. Ticketing at the Super Bowl may also suffer in union workers down tools.

So, arriving at a contract with some of the major employers in Las Vegas was a major win for both the culinary workers, the Union representing them, Super Bowl fans, and President Biden, who is looking for a smooth sail at the Nevada primaries.

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