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Trump, Republican Leaders Denounce Senate Border-Ukraine Deal

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The US Capitol in Washington, DC.
Source: Julia Nikhinson/Bloomberg

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump and House Republican leaders have swiftly rejected a bipartisan Senate deal aimed at implementing new border restrictions in the United States and providing substantial aid to Ukraine, effectively jeopardizing its prospects for approval.

House Speaker Mike Johnson, along with other Republican leaders, issued a joint statement on Monday, branding the Senate compromise as “a waste of time” and deeming it “dead on arrival” in the House of Representatives. Trump also condemned the deal via social media, labeling it “a great gift for Democrats and a Death Wish for The Republican Party.” He firmly opposed the idea of linking immigration issues with foreign aid.

Meanwhile, divisions emerged within the Senate Republican ranks, with plans for further discussions on the deal. Senator John Cornyn of Texas expressed reservations about the border deal, citing “questions and serious concerns.” Senator Lindsey Graham of South Carolina called for amendments to the legislation, potentially disrupting the hard-won compromise. Steve Daines of Montana, the head of the Senate GOP campaign arm, announced his intention to vote against the deal.

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Despite the bipartisan backing of Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer and Republican counterpart Mitch McConnell, who endorsed the $118.3 billion compromise, mounting opposition from both progressive Democrats and conservative Republicans threatens its passage. Progressive Democrat Alex Padilla, along with skeptical Republicans, poses a significant challenge to the deal’s advancement.

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The proposed legislation aims to address illegal border crossings by toughening enforcement measures, limiting asylum applications, and expediting deportations while also facilitating legal immigration through increased visa availability. It includes $60 billion in aid for Ukraine, negotiated by Democrat Chris Murphy, Republican James Lankford, and Independent Kyrsten Sinema, along with $20 billion allocated for border security—$6 billion more than requested by the Biden administration.

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Key provisions of the deal entail granting the Department of Homeland Security the authority to deny most asylum-seeking migrants at the border, subject to certain thresholds based on daily encounter averages. Additionally, the bill seeks to tighten asylum criteria and restrict the release of migrants into the country, prioritizing detention or expedited deportation processes.

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Republican demands for stricter immigration policies in exchange for approving Ukraine aid, coupled with delays stemming from President Biden’s $14 billion request for Israeli assistance in the Gaza conflict, further complicate the legislative landscape.

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While President Biden has voiced strong support for the compromise, emphasizing its potential to enhance border security and streamline the asylum process, staunch opposition from conservative factions within the Republican Party, influenced by Trump’s aggressive stance, could thwart its passage. The deal’s endorsement by the US Chamber of Commerce faces challenges amid declining influence on GOP members.

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As the immigration debate intensifies, Trump’s call for a “perfect” deal resonates with Republicans aiming to capitalize on the border issue’s significance to voters. Recent polling indicates widespread belief among swing-state voters that Biden bears responsibility for the surge in border crossings, reflecting growing concerns about migration’s impact on communities nationwide.


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