Monday, June 17, 2024
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“It’s a Slap in the Face!” Black Male Voters Criticize Biden Over Millions Sent to Ukraine 

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Joe Biden and Jim Clyburn
Source: Quora

Sending loads of taxpayer money to Ukraine might be a smart foreign policy decision. But for black male voters, it is the reason why they may not vote for Biden in the coming elections. 

Black male voters in Michigan have particularly expressed their disappointment and anger over Biden’s massive support for Ukraine. The Joe Biden administration has pumped over $800 million to fund Ukrainian efforts in the war against Russia. 

However, black male voters believe that that amount of money would serve a better purpose at home. “It’s a slap in the face,” said Kerry Tolbert, a resident of Pontiac, Michigan. 

Most Republicans have steadfastly lambasted the Biden administration for caring more for a war in Western Europe than needy Americans. But the criticisms have since spread to Democrats and black voters, a trend that should worry the President’s campaign team. 

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“If you can send $800 million to Ukraine, you can’t tell me you can’t facilitate that student loan situation whatsoever,” said Demar Byas, another Pontiac resident. “Student loans, homelessness, some of that could have been eradicated,” he pointed out. “But then we sent that money overseas,” he lamented. 

Many of Michigan’s’ black male voters told reporters they are considering staying away from the polls in 2024. One of them, Killian-Bey, told the press that the Democrats haven’t shown that they deserve his vote. “You can’t dangle carrots and assume we’ll’ vote for you just because we don’t like the other platform,” he reasoned. 

Norman Clement, the founder of the Detroit Change Initiative, expressed his disappointment with the Democrat party. “All of a sudden, at the last minute in August or September, it’s’ ”black men, can you help save us again?'”‘” he complained. 

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This statement reflects the emotions of the average black voter in the state who feels betrayed by the party that touts itself as pro-black. 

“Black men are not running to the Republican Party,” Clement clarified. “All they’re doing is sitting at home, doing their own thing, creating their own ecosystems and initiatives,” he continued. “At this point, I have no hope for Democrats to speak to our needs,” he concluded. 

But not all Michigan black male voters might stay at home during the presidential election. Some are increasingly warming up to Trump. Although none of the voters interviewed by the press said they would be voting for the former President, some black Michigans said some good things about the billionaire. 

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“He’s’ straightforward, there’s nothing else behind him, no ulterior motive – what you see is what you get,” said Travis Glasper, another resident. “Give me that versus someone who’s going to lie to me,” he said. 

In response, the communications director for the Biden campaign, Michael Tyler, said they are taking note of the observations. “We know we can’t take any voters for granted,” he said. 

“We have work to do to remind these communities of what we’ve accomplished for them in the first three years.” But will a good enough explanation exist for sending $800 million to Ukraine? 

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