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These States Pay New Residents $20,000 to Settle Down

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These States Pay New Residents $20,000 to Settle Down
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You could win up to $20,000 to settle down in some states in the United States of America! All you have to do is move and be eligible for these financial incentives in 2024. 

1. States Paying New Residents

A couple of states are offering to pay new residents to move and settle into their cities. This is an uncommon practice that shocked many people when news outlets announced it. 

Accepting payment
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The offer also sounds very juicy as it will shake up the movement of citizens in the coming years. There are two reasons for this: Inflation and high cost of living. 

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2. The Housing and High Cost of Living Problem

Several states across the country are facing a housing problem. As inflation continues to rise, the cost of living is increasing as well. 

Rising inflation
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Some places have become so expensive that many have moved to other, more affordable areas. Furthermore, several states are seeing a spike in housing prices, and the government had to do something about it. 

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3. The Financial Incentives Plan

Several states facing inflation and high cost of living problems inevitably face a housing problem. Therefore, they decided to combat this strain by offering financial incentives. 

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Financial incentives for housing
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These states will be offering a one-time financial incentive payment between $5,000-$20,000. Simply put, you move there, apply, and get paid! Therefore, this aims to encourage people to move there and support their local economies. 

4. When Does It Start?

This plan is relatively new and will kick off officially this year. According to sources, it will last and will also be on in 2025. Therefore, authorities can monitor its success and tweak it as required. 

A contract to be signed to be signed
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After hearing the news, several people are seriously considering this offer. So the question is, what states are offering this irresistible deal to new residents?

5. What States Are Offering These Incentives?

Some states have officially announced their participation in the financial incentives program. According to reports, some states offer it statewide, while some only offer it in selected cities. 

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US states
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West Virginia offers the incentives statewide, while Kentucky does the same in multiple cities. However, only Topeka and Tulsa offer this program in Kansas and Oklahoma. Therefore, these states are limited. 

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6. Topeka, Kansas

The city of Topeka in Kansas is offering this deal to new residents. However, there is a catch. The city’s program is only offering this incentive to those who work for a GO Topeka-approved employer. 

Kansas billboard
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For those willing to purchase a home, they are eligible for up to $15,000. Renters may be eligible for up to $10,000. Furthermore, people moving to the city with active GO Topeka employment will get tax reimbursements. 

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7. Oklahoma 

Oklahoma is another state that only offers these incentives in one city. The program is titled “The Tulsa Remote Program” and is only open to full-time, remote workers. To be eligible, one has to have lived outside Oklahoma for at least 365 days before the application submission. 

Oklahoma streets
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Eligible remote workers can get up to $10,000 for moving to the city. 

8. West Virginia 

West Virginia is the only state that offers the incentives statewide for now. They call it the “Ascend West Virginia program.” Just like with Oklahoma, the rules state that one must be working both full-time and remotely. 

West Virginia billboard
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Furthermore, eligible applicants can get up to $10,000 to move anywhere in the state. However, this only applies to new residents, just like the other states.

9. Kentucky 

Those looking to move to Kentucky are lucky, as several cities are granting them the same offer. Places like Floyd, Harlan, Letcher, Johnson, and Pike are part of the new residents’ financial incentives program.

Kentucky billboard
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In Kentucky, it is the “Shaping Our Appalachian Region program.” However, the payout is lower here at $5,000 for relocation, $2,500 for an accompanying spouse, and a $250 welcome package. 

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10. Eligibility and Payment 

To be eligible for these benefits, one must be a legal adult in that state. Furthermore, one must be a full-time remote worker in places like West Virginia, Kentucky, and Oklahoma. 

An application
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For Kansas, one must be a fully registered Topeka-approved employee. This is not a difficult requirement as many people tend to work from home these days. 

11. How to Apply

Applying for this program is quite simple. According to MSN, one can view available opportunities at Apart from the four states listed above, several other places are offering this opportunity. 

Applying online for the incentive
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Therefore, the website shows all the approved states and their requirements. For those interested, all it takes is applying officially on the website to be eligible for the program.

12. Will More States Be Joining the Program? 

Experts predict that this program will have a  significant impact on real estate in the U.S. Many other states might also join it very soon as some are still trying to put things in place first. 

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Many people will take this offer in a heartbeat, so the country might see people moving a lot more than usual. Would you move to another state for thousands of dollars? 

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