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HomeNewsCalifornia Governor Hails Democrats, Says They Have Stepped Up Their Game

California Governor Hails Democrats, Says They Have Stepped Up Their Game

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California’s Gov. Gavin Christopher Newsom
Source: gavinnewsom/Instagram

Governor Gavin Christopher Newsom of California poured accolades on the Biden administration on an ABC News Show, “This Week,” on Sunday. According to the politician and businessman, it has put a lot of effort into selling itself in the past months. He also said there are “receipts” to prove Biden’s improvement and hard work for the last three years.

This is a sharp U-turn from his earlier criticism of the president and the Democratic party. Sometime in the past, Newsom expressed dissatisfaction at how Biden’s administration kept the party on the defensive.

“We have been on the receiving end — on the defensive — over and over on their agenda and their culture wars,” Newsom said in 2023 during the launch of the Campaign for Democracy group.

When the hosts asked him why he changed his mind, he said, “That was a year and a half ago, now I don’t feel that way anymore. Absolutely not.” However, he also said that the party needs to improve its communications strategy.

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He said, “I would hope that Democrats learn a little bit about communications strategy by flooding the zone and starting to get back on our feet in terms of dominating the narrative.”

Now, Newsom is known for promoting the president and his crew at any chance he gets. Some people have even referred to the governor as President Biden’s top attack dog. In his Sunday interview, he told ABC’s Jonathan Karl that ex-president Donald Trump will always push his agenda regardless of the reality.

“One thing we’ve learned with this anger industry on the right wing side is illusion dominates facts,” he said. “It’s narrative trumping facts. That’s why Trump himself uses the courtroom as a campaign stop. It’s to dominate the narrative.”

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However, he admitted that he believes that Trump, who is “lighting democracy on fire,” is a real threat to the Democratic party. “I take the threat of Trump and Trumpism very seriously. I’ve never been on the other side of that argument. That said, this is the weakest candidate to run a major party in my lifetime. He’s coming in deeply damaged,” Newsom stated. “Democrats we win,” he added.

Newsom’s transformation from a “rogue agitator” to Biden’s cheerleader and chief defender may have shocked many. However, John Pitney, a professor of politics at Claremont McKenna College, says it’s a win-win situation. “It works to their mutual benefit. Biden takes a potential party critic and turns him into an ally, and Newsom gets abundant national exposure,” Pitney said.

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Meanwhile, Governor Newsom says he’s all about defending what is right. “I enjoy defending our values and freedom. I enjoy defending democracy. I enjoy exposing the hypocrisy of the other side that claims freedom, and yet they’re denying young women the right to reproductive care,” he said at a presidential debate last year.

Newsom’s endorsement of President Biden’s administration put speculations about his 2024 presidential aspirations to rest. He had also unequivocally stated his disinterest in ever running for president.

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