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HomeNewsArkansas Authorities Capture Two Jail Escapees After Almost 40 Hours

Arkansas Authorities Capture Two Jail Escapees After Almost 40 Hours

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A Prison
Source: Quora

Two detainees, identified as Noah Roush, 22,  and Jatonia Bryant, 23, escaped from the Dub Brassell Adult Detention Center in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. The duo escaped through a hole in the shower within the facility.

But they were soon captured after the jail staff realized they were missing. The escape occurred on Monday, January 22. However, according to authorities, they were not aware of the missing detainees until 36 hours after their escape. 

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s office disclosed that Roush, detained on probable cause of residential burglary and theft of property, was captured on Thursday, four days after the escape. But Bryant, who was detained for capital murder, spent a little over a week on the run. Law enforcement caught up with him the following Monday in the east side area of Pine Bluff. 

The sheriff’s office also shared insights on how the detainees got a 36-hour head start via an email to CNN. The spokesperson, Maj. John Bean revealed that there were inaccuracies in head counts in the jail facility between January 20 and January 22. 

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Maj. Bean further explained that there were supposed to be head counts after each shift. However, the jailers failed to follow procedures, which led to the escape. The detainees allegedly made a hole through the ceiling in the shower area, as well as the roof of the facility, and made their way out through the holes. 

Maj. Bean revealed that investigations about their whereabouts began on Wednesday, 24, with contact made to the family and friends of both escapees. The search for the escapees involved multiple law enforcement agencies as they were considered dangerous by the sheriff’s office. 

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According to a news release from the sheriff’s office, “The failure on the part of our jailers, to  not follow policies and procedures, is not in keeping with the high standards set by JCSO.” They further stated that the probe into the escape is still in progress. Plus, every responsible party will bear the consequences that follow. 

Maj. Bean also shared that the sheriff’s office has adopted several measures since 2019 to combat “structural vulnerabilities” that can cause occurrences like the Roush-Bryant escape saga. 

These measures included perimeter intrusion systems, fences in the facility, and camera system updates. But he noted that a lot of detainee security still relies on jailers. 

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He further expressed their struggle in hiring and retaining jail staff members. The Jefferson County sheriff, Sheriff Lafayette Woods Jr, also remarked on this in a statement explaining the struggle. 

The sheriff said, “Previous administrations enjoyed budgets that included 48 jail guard slots. We’re now down to 20, so it is without doubt that even further investment in our detention workforce is warranted.”

Despite the challenge, the sheriff communicated his commitment to providing resources and improving systems to prevent further escapes. The sheriff’s office also gave assurance that it will continue investigations on the January 20 escape and bring everyone involved to book. 

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