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Voting Company Sues Pro-Trump OAN for Engaging in “Criminal Activities”

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Allegations of potential criminal activities have emerged against right-wing network One America News (OAN), as court filings claim that OAN’s president sent an email containing a spreadsheet of alleged employee passwords from voting technology company Smartmatic to former Donald Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell.

Smartmatic is currently suing OAN for defamation, and recent court discussions have shed light on the alleged spreadsheet, which was circulated in the aftermath of the 2020 election when Powell and others were pushing false claims of voting fraud. CNN delved into court records from multiple cases related to the 2020 election to uncover the details of the email exchanges.

According to attorneys representing Smartmatic, the email and spreadsheet suggest that OAN’s leadership “may have engaged in criminal activities” by potentially violating state and federal laws regarding data privacy. 

The alleged passwords were reportedly distributed at a time when Powell, her associates, and other Trump allies were attempting to breach voting systems across the country to support their unfounded claims of voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election.

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However, the court filings do not reveal how OAN obtained access to the spreadsheet or whether the passwords it contained were authentic. Additionally, no individuals from the network have been charged with any crimes related to this matter.

Although the Jan. 8, 2021, email from OAN President Charles Herring to Sidney Powell is not publicly available, Smartmatic disclosed portions of it in a public filing during the lawsuit’s discovery process.

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While the identities of the sender and recipient were not explicitly stated in Smartmatic’s filings, court records from a separate 2020-related lawsuit confirmed that Herring and Powell exchanged emails on the same date, indicating their involvement in the correspondence.

The revelation of communications between Herring and Powell regarding the purported Smartmatic spreadsheet raises questions about OAN’s journalistic integrity and alignment with political advocacy. This development underscores longstanding concerns surrounding OAN’s approach, characterized by blurring lines between opinion journalism and overt political activism.

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As legal proceedings continue, the allegations against OAN highlight the broader implications of media outlets’ roles in disseminating accurate information and upholding ethical standards. The outcome of this case could have significant ramifications for OAN’s credibility and the broader landscape of media accountability.

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