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Pennsylvania Woman Retires After Working With McDonald’s for 45 Years

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The new year ushered in new beginnings for many people in the world. But it also spelled the end of many things for others, including Dot Sharp, 84. On Friday, January 12, 2024, the octagenarian took her final order after working under the golden arches for 45 years.

She spent her last day of work at a Gibsonia, Pennsylvania drive through and when it ended, Sharp reflected on her time as a worker for the company. In recent times, there have been many instances and reports that portray Mcdonalds’ in a bad light when it comes to employee welfare. However, Sharp had nothing but praise. 

“I’m really sad about that because it’s not so much the food, it’s the people,” Sharp told Pittsburgh’s WTAE. “The people that I work with, they were great; they treated me great all these years, and we have the best customers in the world here.”

Sharp seems to have passed her love for Mcdonalds’ to her granddaughter, Dottie Sims. Sims has also worked at a nearby McDonald’s for 20 years. It was only fitting that she was Sharp’s final customer. 

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“She was there with me for my first order. I used to go to work with her when I was little, and she would (let me) hand out customers change for them,” Sims has revealed. 

Since Sharp first started working at McDonald’s, menu items have evolved. And like an undead vampire, she has seen a number of items come and go. Some of the items she had the privilege of witnessing on the menu include:

  • Happy Meals – 1978
  • McRib Sandwich – 1982
  • Chicken Nuggets – 1983
  • Salad – 1986
  • McPizza – 1986
  • McFlurry – 1995
  • McCafe Coffee – 2001
  • Oatmeal – 2010

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It has been decades, but Sharp can still recall how it felt to experience the novelty of the special treats and how people reacted to it. “We started the Happy Meal down (at the first location). Whenever they came out with the Barbie and the Hot Wheel ones, people would come in and order 50 Happy Meals at one time,” Sharp said.

During her time as a worker at Mcdonalds’, Sharp made many friends with the customers and co-workers alike. It is no surprise that her co-workers have all come out to wish her well in retirement.

“She brought a sunny disposition to every shift and always made the customer her top priority. I’m hoping Dot enjoys a well-deserved break in her retirement,” franchise owner-operator Meghan Sweeney told WTAE.

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Sharp is now retired, but how she made those around her feel will linger in their hearts. And in that way, the old lady will never be forgotten by those whose lives she touched during her time at McDonalds’. 

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