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How Long Do Turtles Live? Here Are the Expected Life Spans for Turtles 

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A Turtle
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Turtles have always been one of the most exciting animals to behold. For example, did you know that turtles don’t have teeth? Yeah. This is just one of the dozens of their fascinating characteristics. 

But there’s one question that turtle lovers have been seeking answers to. How long will a turtle stick around after it is born? 

This question is a major concern for pet lovers who would love to have a turtle around for a long time. For one Quora user, having a pet turtle was one of the best pet decisions he had ever made. His turtle stuck around for quite some time. 

“I’ve been through 12 jobs, 5 cars, 2 marriages, and I’m on 2 kids… and I still have that turtle,” he said. He responded to another user who wanted to know if turtle pets were a good idea. “She’s 30 years old and lives in a 55-gallon tank with the last feeder goldfish I fed her,” he replied. 

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Sounds like pretty encouraging news, right? But does this lifespan apply to all breeds? That’s one crucial point to consider because all turtles aren’t the same. 

Turtles differ in shapes, sizes, and, of course, colors. If you want turtles to keep you company at home, the best ones to get are the African side-neck turtles, common musk turtles, the eastern box turtles, and the red-eared sliders. 

In terms of size, the world’s largest turtles are the Galapagos tortoises. These ones are built strictly for the wild and shouldn’t be found on your premises for any reason. 

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Just as turtles vary in size, shape, and color, they also vary in age. While some live for about 15 years, others can remain alive for up to and, in some rare cases, more than 100 years. Let’s begin with the shortest life expectancies. 

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The map turtles stay around for the shortest time, so you better treat them right and cherish all the memories before they are gone. You have 15-25 years to do that. 

The painted turtles stay around for 25-30 years, while the red-eared slider lives for 25-35 years. 

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The wood turtle will last for 40-55 years, while the Russian tortoise will stay around for at least 40 years, with no definite upper estimate. 

The eastern box turtles have been observed to live for 50 years and above. Meanwhile, the Greek tortoise and leopard tortoise will enjoy life for 100 years and more. 

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Turtles stay alive for longer compared to most other animals. The reason is that they have a slow metabolism, which means their aging and disease processes are slower. Turtles can also stay for long without food and water. 

The lifespan of turtle pets also depends on the quality of care they receive. Pet owners should feed them with commercial turtle food and leafy vegetables such as lettuce and dandelion greens. 

Their optimal water temperature is 78 to 82 degrees, and 80 to 85 degrees for their basking area. Jonathan, a Seychelles giant tortoise that resides on the British Island of Helena, is presently the world’s oldest turtle at 191. 

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