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These Are Some of the Pioneers of the Trans and Gender-Bending Community

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Explore the trailblazers who courageously shaped the trans and gender-bending community, breaking barriers and fostering understanding. Learn about their stories and contributions that have impacted gender expression within the LGBTQ+ spectrum.

Christine Jorgensen

Christine Jorgensen, an American trans woman, gained widespread recognition as the first person in the United States to undergo sex reassignment surgery. In addition to her pioneering role, she enjoyed a successful career as a singer and actress.

Born George William, she entered the U.S. Army as a male at 19. Following her military service, she grappled with growing concerns about her gender identity and decided that gender surgery was necessary for her. She traveled to Europe, where a doctor initiated hormone therapy and later performed gender reassignment surgeries.

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During her private transition, details of her journey were leaked, leading to headlines such as “Ex-GI Becomes Blonde Beauty” in the New York Daily News. Despite her desire for privacy, the news made her a prominent figure upon her return to the U.S.

Capitalizing on her newfound fame, Jorgensen opened a thriving nightclub and made frequent media appearances. In 1953, she authored an article detailing her life, and her memoir, published in 1967, achieved significant success with nearly 500,000 copies sold.

Before she died at the age of 62 of bladder and lung cancer, she told the Los Angeles Times that she was proud of her legacy. “I am very proud now, looking back, that I was on that street corner 36 years ago when a movement started. It was the sexual revolution that was going to start with or without me. We may not have started it, but we gave it a good swift kick in the pants.”

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Dora Richter

Dora Richter, born in Germany in 1891, underwent the first documented male-to-female gender reassignment surgeries in the 1920s and 1930s in Berlin. In 1933, Nazis attacked the institute where she worked, destroying records. The fate of Richter remains unknown.


Alberto Alonso Blanco, also known as el Rambal, was born in Gijon, Spain, in 1928. His community recognized him for engaging in traditionally feminine activities, such as washing clothing at public laundry spaces. Despite living in a fascist dictatorship, he openly identified as gay. Tragically, in 1976, he was fatally stabbed.

Gladys Bentley

Gladys Bentley, born in Philadelphia in 1907, was an American blues singer and entertainer in 1920s New York. She adopted a distinctive style, dressing in men’s clothes, singing songs with raunchy lyrics, and performing with a chorus line of drag queens. Gladys was openly lesbian and embraced her unique identity. Amid the prohibition era, she moved to California, where her music gained acclaim.

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As times changed, oppression grew. She had to carry special permits to dress like a man at one point. Then, during the McCarthy era, she started wearing dresses and claimed she had been “cured” of her non-conformism by taking female hormones and undergoing an operation.

“Differing from the traditional male impersonator, or drag king, in the popular theater, Gladys Bentley did not try to ‘pass’ as a man, nor did she playfully try to deceive her audience into believing she was biologically male. Instead, she exerted a ‘black female masculinity’ that troubled the distinctions between black and white and masculine and feminine,” wrote Professor James F. Wilson.

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