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Texas Trans-Surgery Whistleblower “Wipes His Savings” Amid DOJ Probe

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A former Texas Children’s Hospital surgeon has identified himself to another journalist as the whistleblower behind the release of documents proving the hospital’s alleged refusal to abide by the state’s new ban on transgender surgeries for juveniles.

In June 2023, Greg Abbott signed a law banning the act of prescribing children puberty blockers and hormone therapies. On Thursday, January 11, on “The Ingraham Angle,” host Laura Ingraham revealed that Texas Children’s Hospital plans to stop providing such procedures to minors.

However, not long after, whistleblower documents claimed the hospital did not abide by the new state law. One item even reported a doctor surgically inserting a drug-delivery implant in an 11-year-old patient. The whistleblower presented the documents to journalist Christopher Rufo in an attempt to expose the medical center’s alleged behavior.

Dr. Eithan Haim, who identified himself as the whistleblower, told “The Ingraham Angle” that shortly after details of the documentation he gave Rufo were publicized, federal agents with the Department of Health and Human Services came knocking.

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They brought with them a Justice Department letter stating he was a “potential target” in a “new criminal investigation.” In the days that followed, Haim spent hundreds of thousands of dollars and “wiped out his savings” defending himself.

He has also launched a GiveSendGo campaign as he continues to fight charges he says he barely comprehends. “Why exactly are they saying that they’re coming after you?” Ingraham wanted to know. 

Unfortunately, Haim had no straight answer. “You know, I wish I had a good answer for that, but honestly, I couldn’t tell you. Your guess would probably be just as good as mine,” Haim replied. He believes it to be a “politically motivated investigation.” One brought on by what he calls HHS’ “ideological capture” and commitment to transgender ideology.

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Ingraham, an attorney too, asked what the feds say is the reason he is under investigation, telling him there has to be a reason for the litigation. “You would think so, but it seems to not be the case in my situation,” he said.

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“It’s because I had told the truth, and that’s one of the things — if you counter the dominant political ideology, they’re going to come after you,” Haim continued. “At some point, we have to fight against it.”

Haim thinks Texas Children’s is still a “phenomenal hospital.” However, he also believes it houses a “select few” faculty who refuse to do the “right thing.” According to him, he felt the need to speak up after discussing with people who had done such gender surgery.

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He felt the need to speak out to protect the patients and the medical profession itself. “If we can’t speak up about something like this, then we have no profession left. There has to be some degree of accountability.”

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In the meantime, he continues to fight. Haim strongly believes it is political at the federal level but added that it has helped him discover how supportive Americans can be.

“So we have to be ready for whatever they have to come against us with, and that’s the great thing about this situation because, once you decide to speak out, you have all these people who are willing to come to your side and help you out,” he said.

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