Tuesday, June 18, 2024
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Biden Campaign Team Dismisses 3rd-Party Threats Ahead of 2024 Elections

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Harvard Fellow Quentin Fulks
Source: thehill/X

No Labels’ Party is one of the third parties gaining traction in the country. Although no third-party candidate has won the presidency, there are speculations that they may significantly threaten the nation’s two-party binary.

However, President Joe Biden’s campaign has dismissed concerns that a third-party candidate will divert some of his votes. They argue that these options wouldn’t “fool” their voters.

“At the end of the day, there’s only going to be two parties that have an ability to get to 270 electoral votes, and that’s going to be Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee and whoever emerges from the extreme Republican primary that’s going on right now,” Biden campaign’s principal deputy manager, Quentin Fulks, said.

“So, you know, look, we’re gonna stay focused on the issues and make this about freedom and democracy. The Americans that have the most at stake understand that, and they’re not going to be fooled by anything else,” Fulks told Martha Raddatz, co-anchor of ABC News “This Week” show.

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Biden’s campaign remains confident despite Democratic Rep. Dean Phillips of Minnesota’s U-turn on his earlier promise to support Biden if he doesn’t emerge as the party’s presidential candidate. Now, Phillips says he’ll consider a  No Labels’ nomination if Biden was “almost certain to lose” in a rematch with Donald Trump. Meanwhile, Biden himself has said that the bipartisan “unity” third party would “help the other guy,” referring to Trump.

“Our campaign is going to continue to make sure that we’re delivering a message to draw that contrast about what this election is all about, and that’s restoring democracy and protecting freedoms for millions of Americans across this country,” Fulks said. He stated that the campaign sees the election as between Biden and whoever will emerge as the Republican party’s presidential candidate. So, their focus is to highlight the differences between both parties’ policies.

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However, Biden’s approval numbers are weak, and voters are skeptical about his mental and physical capacity to remain in office. There are also concerns that Black voters, who make up a significant part of the party’s base, have decreased their support. Even Democratic Rep. Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, a close ally of Biden, shares this fear. 

Fulks says that Biden’s administration has significantly improved the lives of the African American community. According to him, Black wealth has increased, and the racial wealth gap has shrunk better than in any other president’s tenure. 

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He said that the campaign plans to “send a clear signal that, one, we don’t take them for granted; two, we recognize that we need to earn their support in this campaign and communicate with them … all the work that this administration has done to make their lives better.” Vice President Kamala Harris has also stated that Biden’s administration is responsive to the needs of the Blacks. 

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Responding to concerns about Biden’s age, Fulks says, “We have a simple formula for that, and that’s results, Age equals wisdom equals results and experience.” “This election is not going to be about age. This election is about freedom and democracy and the fact that Democrats, under President Biden’s leadership, believe that people deserve more freedom, not less and Republicans want to roll that back and rip it away,” he added.

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