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These Are Ways to Use Tennis Balls Around the House Beyond Just Playing Tennis

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Tennis balls
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Tennis is a great game, but after the playing is done, the balls need to be put away. But what if we told you there are other ways you can use the balls beyond just the game of Tennis? Check out these different uses for tennis balls. They might be of help around the house.

DIY Dryer Balls

If you’re out of dryer sheets and don’t want to deal with the static that often comes along with pulling your clothing out of the dryer, this could help. Wrap a couple tennis balls in foil and throw one or two in with your load of laundry.

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They will reduce the amount of static electricity and also help the laundry dry faster and be fluffier when they come out of the machine. This is most effective when drying bulky items like comforters and pillows.

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As A Doorstop

Tennis balls can help you stop your door from scuffing the wall or slamming loudly. Rather than buy a doorstop or screw one into the wall behind every door in your home, take a tennis ball and cut it in half. 

A doorstop
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You can also use the tennis ball to keep the door open and let in a breeze as well. It is not the prettiest option, but it works.

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Erase Scuff Marks

Some have called Tennis balls magic erasers. The soft fuzzy outer layer is a great help when trying to rub out scuffs and scratches. A great way to do this is use a broom and tennis ball.

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Cut a hole in the tennis ball and place it on the end of a broom or a mop. Flip the broom or mop over and start scrubbing any scuffed floors, walls, or other surfaces with the tennis ball until the marks disappear.

Make A Massager

If you just came in from the tennis courts and have some sore muscles, you can use the green fuzzy balls to give yourself a massage. Massaging the lower back with tennis balls can help loosen soft tissues, release muscle tension, and improve flexibility.

Source: Pinterest

Another option is to put a few tennis balls in a sock and lay it on the ground. Lay on top of the massager and use it like a foam roller.

Soften A Hammer

It may sound weird but a tennis ball can help to soften the blow of a hammer. Use a knife to cut an “X” into the tennis ball.

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Source: Pinterest

Stick the hammer inside the cut and hammer away. The tennis ball will absorb some of the impact, so you don’t cause any damage.

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Protect Locks From Rust

Rust is the bane of metals, but if you have tennis balls at hand, don’t fret. Cut a hole in the tennis ball big enough to fit the lock inside.

Source: Pinterest

Your lock will be safe and sound from rust! For this to work, your padlock is small enough to fit within a tennis ball.

Jar Opener

Source: Pinterest

The rubber interior of the tennis ball gives it a perfect grip to help open a jar. All you have to do is cut the ball in half with a utility knife, then wrap the tennis ball over the lid of the jar and simply twist. This will help the lid release and will protect your hands from strain. 

Protect Your Floors

Source: Pinterest

Tennis balls can protect your floors. All you need to do is cut some small holes into the balls and simply stick them on the ends of your furniture legs. This allows you to move furniture without worrying about damaging your floors. 

Park In the Right Spot

If you never seem to be able to park in the right spot, tennis balls can help. Take a tennis ball and hang it from a string in your garage.

Source: Pinterest

Ensure you hang it in the right spot so the ball will land just in front of your windshield when you pull in. This will help you park in the right spot without ever having to readjust. 

Clean Cobwebs

Try putting a tennis ball in a long sock or pantyhose (the longer, the better). Swing the ball towards the webs carefully.

Source: Pinterest

The cobwebs will stick to the fabric, ultimately giving you a cobweb-free home! You can use this over and over.

Hang Your Shoes

A simple way to store your shoes is by hanging them with tennis balls. Do this by gluing two tennis balls next to each other on the inside of a door or on the side of a closet wall.

Source: Pinterest

You can hang your shoes by these little makeshift hooks to save some space and keep your shoes together. 

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Remove A Light Bulb

If you find yourself with a burnt-out light bulb in your house and want to change it, you can use tennis balls.

Source: Pinterest

Cut a tennis ball in half and stick it on the end of the light bulb. The rubbery inside will give you a great grip that helps you easily twist off the bulb.

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