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Native Americans Criticize Woke Efforts By Kansas City Chiefs, Boy Scouts to Erase Heritage

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Native Americans
Source: Flatland, KC

Native American activists are speaking out against cancel culture that threatens to erase their heritage. They’re concerned about moves by the Kansas City Chiefs and the Boy Scouts of America to distance themselves from Native American symbols. 

The Kansas City Chiefs have been the target of criticism for their use of Native American imagery and symbols. This has sparked various calls for change from those who view it as culturally insensitive. Now, the team is seeking ways to rewrite its historical narrative to appease cancel culture.

During the football season, “Not in Our Honor,” a group based in Kansas City, expressed optimism that Taylor Swift would become an ally. According to media reports, the group campaigned to end the team’s tradition. They hope that her influence might force the franchise to address accusations of racism and discontinue its “tomahawk chop” chant.

On the other hand, American Indians worry about the legacy of Harold Roe “Chief” Bartle, a founding figure in Kansas City’s history and a member of the Arapaho tribe. They fear his legacy could be erased due to his association with the Chiefs and the Boy Scouts. 

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Bartle served as mayor of Kansas City during the 1960s. This was when the AFL’s Dallas Texans relocated to the city. The team was renamed in recognition of Bartle’s instrumental role in securing the franchise. The team’s website and numerous other sources continue to acknowledge this honor.

“It’s a woke firing squad looking to tear everything down by telling us that Native Americans and Americans need to be divided,” social media influencer Maurice the Native Patriot told Fox News Digital. “It’s become popular to think that even seeing a Native American image is racist,” he mentioned.

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According to Bartle’s biographies, he dedicated much of his life to the Boy Scouts. During that time, he championed civil rights and honored Native American heritage. However, his multicultural legacy is now under threat as both the Chiefs and the Scouts are moving away from their Native American roots.

“Native American history is American history,” stated Tony Henson, the executive director of the Native American Guardians Association (NAGA). “This effort to divide us comes from the ‘hate-America’ Marxist crowd that wants to tear down tradition and rebuild the United States in their image,” he said. 

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The Boy Scouts want to remove all Native American elements from their program. They are reportedly rushing to develop a new symbol to replace “a Native American chief/brave logo” that it’s been using “for over 60 years.” Fox News Digital contacted the organization, but they denied all the allegations.

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“There is no national mandate from the BSA to remove all Native American imagery from the Scouting program,” Scott Armstrong, national spokesperson for the Boy Scouts of America, told Fox News Digital in response. He further mentioned that local Boy Scouts troops might have “misunderstood” guidance regarding communication with local First Nations leaders.

“The goal is proper respect, not removal,” said Armstrong. In the past, the Kansas City Chiefs implemented specific changes. These included banning headdresses and face paint at the stadium on game day.” They also “retired Warpaint,” a pinto horse mascot.

All these actions were done to distance themselves from their Native American heritage. These actions have upset the pro-Native American activists.

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