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Kristen Stewart Talks Having Kids With Fiancée, Explains Provocative Rolling Stone Cover

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Kristen Stewart may soon have a little bun in her oven!

Renowned for playing Bella in the “Twilight” Franchise, Stewart gave fans more than her strong biceps to talk about in her Rolling Stone interview. In a Rolling Stone profile published on Wednesday, February 14, 2024, the 33-year-old “Twilight” star talked about having kids. 

She revealed she and her fiancée, Dylan Meyer, have discussed having children. Kristen Stewart said she and Meyer have started preparing for how they might do so. In addition, she noted they have talked about carrying each other’s embryos.

“I don’t know what my family’s going to look like,” the talented actress said. “But there’s no way that I don’t start acquiring kids.” Stewart added, “And ideally, at some point soon, I go, ‘I want to have a kid.’ I really want that to happen.”

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Furthermore, Kristen Stewart shared that she is “not scared of being pregnant” or having a kid.” However, she noted that she is “so scared” of childbirth. “Have you ever been too on drugs where you’ve suddenly needed to be on your hands and knees?” she asked. “I hate that.”

Stewart has been dating her fiancée, Meyer, a screenwriter, since 2019. The two met while filming the movie “American Ultra.” Afterward, they founded the production company Nevermind in 2023. During a 2019 interview, Stewart told Howard Stern she was in love with Meyer and couldn’t wait to propose to her. 

“I want to be somewhat reasonable about it, but I think good things happen fast,” she said. By November 2021, Stewart announced her engagement to Meyer. However, Meyer ended up being the one to pop the question. “I wanted to be proposed to,” Kristen Stewart said on “The Howard Stern Show.”

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“So, I think I very distinctly carved out what I wanted, and she nailed it,” the actress added. “It was really cute. We’re marrying; it’s happening.” Over two years down the line, the two have not yet tied the knot. Stewart told Rolling Stone that she and Meyer are “probably just going to do it soon.” 

But Stewart noted neither of them “have it in us to have a big wedding.” Aside from letting fans in on her plans to have kids, Kristen Stewart served body goals! The stunning actress posed provocatively in a black leather vest with no top underneath for her Rolling Stone cover. 

Stewart paired it with a white jockstrap. The actress said the sexy, gender-nonconforming aesthetic was intentional. “If I got through the entire ‘Twilight’ series without ever doing a Rolling Stone cover,” she said. “It’s because the boys were the sex symbols.”

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“Now, I want to do the gayest thing you’ve ever seen in your life,” Kristen Stewart added. “If I could grow a little mustache, if I could grow a happy trail and unbutton my pants, I would.” During the interview, Stewart talked about being an openly queer figure in the entertainment industry. 

Notably, she came out while hosting “SNL” in 2017. Unlike her predecessors, the “Spencer” star said her coming-out experience was relatively easy. She noted that actress and “Panic Room” co-star Jodie Foster had difficulty coming out. “For me, it wasn’t a problem,” Stewart said.

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