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Arizona School District Fires Teacher Over OnlyFans Account

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A picture of teacher fired for her OnlyFans account
Source: CNN/X

An Arizona School District has fired Rachel Dolezal, a former teacher at the Catalina Foothills School District in Tucson. The district terminated her on Tuesday, February 13, 2024, after discovering she promoted adult content on OnlyFans.

Dolezal, who changed her legal name to Nkechi Diallo in 2016, was a former NAACP leader in Spokane, Washington. She sparked major controversy nearly ten years ago, falsely claiming she was Black despite being born to white parents.

The Catalina Foothills School District employed Dolezal in August 2023. According to Julie Farbarik, a spokesperson for the district, she worked as a part-time after-school extended-day instructor in the district’s community schools program. 

Also, Dolezal worked as a substitute with Educational Services Inc., the district’s contracted substitute provider. However, the district let her go last week after administrators became aware of her presence on OnlyFans. According to the district’s spokesperson, administrators discovered the OnlyFans link through her verified Instagram account.

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The linked OnlyFans account, updated as recently as February 14, 2024, blocks images for non-subscribers. However, it contains identifying information and captions alluding to adult and “nude” content. Therefore, employers said they deemed it contrary to the district’s social media policy.

Despite Dolezal having the OnlyFans account since 2021, Farbarik said it recently caught the district’s attention. “We only learned of Ms. Nkechi Diallo’s OnlyFans social media posts (Tuesday) afternoon,” Farbarik said. “Her posts are contrary to our district’s ‘Use of Social Media by District Employees’ policy and our staff ethics policy.”

Fabarik added, “She is no longer employed by the Catalina Foothills School District.” Before her OnlyFans account controversy, Dolezal’s enduring media presence prompted cantankerous conversations about identity and race. In a 2017 interview, she said she believes race is a “social construct.”

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She entered the national spotlight under the name Rachel Dolezal in 2015. Her parents, who are white, came forward and said she was not Black. The NAACP stressed that its organization includes white leaders. However, critics slammed Dolezal for presenting herself as Black when she was white.

Dolezal, on the other hand, maintained her stance. She said that despite being born to white parents, she identifies as Black. In addition, she claimed her hairstyle and tanned skin led people to believe she was Black, and she didn’t correct them.

“I feel like the idea of being trans-Black would be much more accurate than ‘I’m white,'” Dolezal said. “Because you know, I’m not white.” Despite widespread ridicule, Dolezal did not shed her assumed identity after her actual heritage became public. In 2016, she legally changed her name to Nkechi Amare Diallo.

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She said she would continue to use the name Rachel Dolezal. Hence, the names alternate on her various social media accounts. Her apparent OnlyFans account bears the name Rachel Dolezal. Since her identity crisis, the former substitute teacher has continued to crop up in the public eye.

In 2017, she published a memoir titled “In Full Color: Finding My Place in a Black and White World.” Afterward, in 2019, a court sentenced Dolezal to community service for welfare fraud.

Also, the judge forced her to pay back the $8,847 she stole from government assistance. Following her recent run-in with controversy, the former NAACP leader has yet to comment publicly.

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