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10 Unpopular Yet Beautiful Beach States You May Not Know

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Beach and Blue Skies
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At first thought, going to the beach automatically means going to one of the more popular places we all know. These include hot spots like Hawaii, Florida, North Carolina, California, and Rhode Island. Why do these states come to mind immediately? This is because these places are famous for having beautiful, aesthetically pleasing views. 

However, the downside to these places is that they can be costly. They are sometimes quite crowded, thanks to many tourists and resident families. This also makes it difficult to enjoy a good time at the beach sometimes. 

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While these places are very famous, several other states have great beaches. However, many people are unaware of these beautiful places due to their remote nature. Here are ten states you probably didn’t know have excellent beaches. 


First on the list is the beautiful state of Idaho. Most people don’t know this, but Idaho has some fantastic beach sites that would leave you wanting more. For example, Orval Hansen Point Beach gives you a stunning lake with a view of the Sawtooth Mountains in the distance.

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Another state worthy of mention is Maine. While it is famous for its mountains and snow, it has excellent beaches and restaurants. Places in Maine like Ogunquit, Boothbay Harbor, and Acadia National Park have stunning waters that tourists love. 

Michigan and Texas

Michigan and Texas are two other states with surprisingly good beaches. While Michigan has no ocean flowing through it, it still offers excellent beach spots. They include Cheboygan State Park, Lakeside Beach, and Mackinaw City Beach. 

Texas might be a surprising mention in this list, but it is not only great for its beautiful cities. Thanks to a couple of islands between the Gulf of Mexico and Laguna Madre Bay, the state has some beautiful beaches. 

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Washington, New York, and Alabama

Washington has so many incredible beaches that it is a mystery why they’re not so popular. Seattle is also home to several waterbodies with unforgettable views of the mountains. There is also the Pacific beach, where people can watch whales at some point during the year. 

New York is one place that has almost everything a tourist is looking for. Its beaches are also unique sites for sore eyes, even though they have many strict rules. 

If you’d rather head down south, Alabama is a good option for stunning beaches. The Gulf Shores and Orange Beach have family-friendly waters and some fantastic views. 

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Oregon, New Hampshire, and Delaware

Oregon, the breathtaking state, is also a great option in the west for a beach vacation. It has attractive spots like Cannon Beach, Oceanside, and Gleneden Beach that are worth exploring. 

New Hampshire and Delaware are two extra states with beaches to die for. While they might not be the most significant states, they have incredible beaches that give their tourists a tan and a glow! They also have a quieter atmosphere, making them the perfect vacation or relaxation spot.  

Which one would you love to visit?

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