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Americans Aren’t Fazed By CDC’s Alarm on COVID Hospitalizations

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As the holiday season gets in full gear, everyone is making plans to have the best holiday yet. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic, it has almost become a tradition for the Center for Disease Control to deliver some frightful information about COVID-19. Unlike previous years, most people aren’t panicking.

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Since the COVID outbreak, hospitalizations have always risen during winter. Last November, the figures rose to almost 30% towards the end of the month. According to experts, this is not unusual because respiratory viruses are more severe in cold weather and spread more quickly indoors.

Nonetheless, the fact remains that COVID-19 is a severe health threat. It is a threat to a small, vulnerable group: the elderly, people who are still unvaccinated, and those with preexisting health issues. Statistics show that people aged 65 or older make up the majority of the high rate of hospitalization and US COVID-19 deaths.

According to the New York Post, some of the CDC’s policies aren’t backed by science. “It’s definitely not science-based. The risk to kids from COVID is, statistically, near zero. The total US death toll for under-18s in the entire pandemic so far is about 800. That’s out of almost 1 million dead. And a big chunk of the young people who died had other health problems,” they wrote.

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Despite the reality, the CDC had put a lot of effort over the years convincing Americans that the COVID virus would kill everyone. There were also so many unscientific orders that were solely political instead of scientific. As a result, generations of kids suffered, people lost jobs, and communities were forever changed without any significant brake against the pandemic.

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“As for the insane requirement that vaxxed people merely exposed to the virus need to isolate for more than a week: it did nothing for overall COVID outcomes in the US. But it did cripple businesses and interrupt schooling against a backdrop of learning loss already massive from closures.”

Most Americans don’t take the CDC’s warnings or information seriously because of their experience. They now see the virus as a typical disease like the flu, a headache, or a bad cold. The CDC should have created more protective policies focusing on the old and the immunocompromised.

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According to the New York Post, “Even if you discount this insanity, the CDC can’t keep its own COVID story straight. It caused months of chaos with its back-and-forth recommendations on masking and other hygiene theatrics.”

Furthermore, it appears that the CDC is beginning to realize that people aren’t as scared of the COVID virus as they were in the early days. Now, they’ve relaxed most quarantine guidelines, testing, and other protective measures.

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“Good to at last ditch the false idea that standing six feet away from someone while still sharing their airspace will stop you from getting COVID. (We now know that it’s all about good air circulation.) But the bureaucrats took more than a year to catch up with the science, even as the directive did endless social damage,” the NY Post wrote.

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