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John Oliver Ridicules Mike Johnson as ‘Anti-LGBT Bigot’ Over Shared App

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The United States of America’s House of Representatives speaker, Mike Johnson
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TV host and comedian John Oliver criticized House Speaker Mike Johnson for sharing an online accountability app with his teenage son.

Oliver addressed the issue in an episode of his show, “Last Week Tonight.”

With the reports of Johnson and his son sharing internet activity, Oliver said, “It’s too late. He’s already a speaker. For all of the fear of a second Trump term, it’s worth remembering our current speaker of the House is an anti-LGBT bigot who believes in more accountability for his son’s search engine history than he does for the people who tried to overthrow the government.”

The House speaker faced backlash recently for his anti-LGBTQ views in a campaign email. He expressed concerns about the increasing number of high school students identifying as LGBTQ.

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Moreover, observers see the 51-year-old lawmaker, who identifies as a “Bible-believing Christian,” as one of the extreme anti-LGBTQ Republicans. Oliver declared that the latest news has dashed any hopes of the lawmaker moderating his views.

“If there was any hope Johnson might moderate his views now that he’s a speaker, that is gone. And because there was so little vetting of Johnson before he became speaker, we kept discovering new unsettling facts about him.”

Additionally, he mentioned Johnson’s latest award from the National Association of Christian Lawmakers “for Christian honor and courage.” He added that the Congressman might also be watching if his son saw it.

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“If Mike Johnson’s son is watching this, I’m really sorry. Your dad seems like a lot. And if he is watching this online, I guess Mike probably is, too. Hi Mike! You must’ve gotten that alert after we showed the picture of the camel.”

The host also highlighted that such an app might not be suitable for national security when it’s on the phone of a powerful Congressman.

“While this is very fun, a few things. First, it’s probably not ideal for national security if a guy second in line to the presidency has that app on his phone. But also, the stuff that people are now unearthing about Mike Johnson extends beyond the personal,” he said.

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Oliver also mentioned Johnson promoting a book by a right-wing blogger. “He can’t blur his views and hope no one notices because, much like his son, we’re unfortunately now all watching him,” Oliver concluded.

Johnson, who took on the role of House Speaker on October 25, has recently come under scrutiny for his Christian views. Additionally, there are allegations of his alleged ties to Christian nationalism, a belief that asserts the U.S. as a solely Christian nation.

Critics say these views might affect laws and policies, especially amid a rise in LGBTQ hate, violence, and anti-LGBTQ legislation in the U.S.

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